8031 NW Skyline Blvd., 503-286-4788, skytav.com. Noon-midnight daily Monday-Saturday, 10 am-midnight Sunday.

Established: 1923

It makes sense the hero who saved the Skyline Tavern is a naturalist—with a patio that puts most campsites near Mount Hood to shame, who could blame Scott Ray Becker for keeping the place alive? Featuring fire pits, horseshoes and a stage with acres of pristine forest as its backdrop, this revived West Hills roadhouse was an easy pick for our 2016 Bar of the Year. Drive just 15 minutes and you've arrived at a sublime vision of Portland's collective backyard—a place where roughnecks and neighborhood millionaires gather to cook burgers and shoot the shit around the grill. Draft beer is $5 and predominantly of the luxe local persuasion—think Breakside IPA or Royale Pilsner—and a basket of red-and-black buffalo plaid blankets awaits first-timers who came underdressed. Skyline's website suggests hiking to the property, which underscores that although getting there is no small feat for your average city slicker, the rewarding feeling of escape is quickly revealed to be the acute source of its timeless joy.