We're typically much more concerned with the beer inside the bottle than the bottle itself, but that's not entirely true when it comes to Widmer's new Le Petit Brasseur Saison. That's because it is the first beer ever placed inside one of the Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative's new, fully reusable beer bottles.

Made possible by the state's unique Bottle Bill, the tall, 500-milliliter brown bottles have a BottleDrop logo imprinted on the side, indicating they can be washed and reused up to 40 times instead of being crushed and melted like the rest of your glass beverage receptacles. In the case of this particular beer, we can confidently say we'll be returning several bottles for washing.

A dry and zesty Belgian-influenced ale, Le Petit Brasseur is perfectly suited to the recent heat wave. Made with a blend of locally malted barley from Mecca Grade Estate Malt and Goschie Farms, and generously dosed with comet and crystal hops, the lightly hazy beer has a lemony aroma and complex malt finish that develops even more muscle as it warms, evolving from a floral and Champagne-like summer quaff into a hugely terroir-laden farmhouse sipper.

Le Petit Brasseur may be the first in these new packages, but there is a growing wave of other exciting BottleDrop releases to look for soon—six other regional breweries, including Buoy, Double Mountain and Gigantic, have also signed up to be part of the program, with 12-ounce bottles to come by year's end.

The best part? The new reusable bottles are meant to seamlessly integrate with the current recycling systems in the state, so you can easily drink to a greener future. Recommended.