If you need further proof that times are truly bizarre, order some Jell-O shots to show up at your front door.

That's right—the alcohol-infused snack best associated with frat parties and brain-splitting hangovers is also on the menu at Yakuza ($4).

"It's a response," McErlean says. "I thought, 'Why not try it?' Because people will think it's fun, and we also don't serve dessert. So this kind of covers both bases."

Whether eaten at the end of your meal or slurped down before you dig in, the wobbly treats are only 0.37 percent alcohol, so it'll take you quite a few to feel anything. The low ABV also allows Yakuza to sell them as a "food item," McErlean says.

The shots aren't actually made by the restaurant's staffers. Instead, Yakuza has partnered with Portland cart Hell-O Jello. Do not order them expecting the kind of boozy lumps popped out of ice trays and frequently inhaled off a stranger's chest. These shots are classier than that, dammit, and you actually need to eat them with a spoon.

Most recently, Yakuza was selling a raspberry mochi vodka shot, which was a condiment cup of ruby-hued gelatin bombed with red glitter that scooped more like a sorbet. The Jell-O shot may have grown up, but don't worry. Think of it as the Kesha of "drinks"—still down to party and best enjoyed on special occasions.

ORDER: Yakuza, 5411 NE 30th Ave., 503-450-0893, yakuzalounge.com. Takeout and delivery 4-9 pm daily.