Where to Drink This Week

After staying completely shuttered for two years due to the pandemic, Bad Habit Room is back and catering to a different crowd in the evenings.

1. Bad Habit Room

5433 N Michigan Ave., 503-303-8550, saraveza.com/the-bad-habit-room. 4-10 pm Wednesday-Friday, 9 am-2 pm and 4-10 pm Saturday-Sunday.

Bad Habit Room has technically been around for about a decade, but previously opened only for weekend brunch and special events. After staying completely shuttered for two years due to the pandemic, it’s back and catering to a different crowd in the evenings. Cocktails take their inspiration from the pre-Prohibition era, and our current favorite is Moon Shoes, made with marshmallow-infused vodka, lemon, orgeat and a splash of Son of Man harvest vermouth that acts as a grounding agent.

2. Oyatsupan Bakers

16025 SW Regatta Lane, Beaverton, 503-941-5251, oyatsupan.com. 8 am-3:30 pm daily.

Though best known for its milk bread and sweet rolls, Oyatsupan also serves a variety of warm beverages to go with those baked goods. The newest menu item is a hojicha latte, a Japanese green tea typically steamed to stop the oxidation process and then roasted, resulting in little to no bitterness as well as a low caffeine content. Oyatsupan promises it is the perfect drink to transition from summer to fall thanks to the nutty notes from the tea and the creaminess of the oat milk.

3. Double Mountain Taproom

4336 SE Woodstock Blvd., 503-206-5495, doublemountainbrewery.com. Noon-9 pm daily.

Late summer and early fall see the wonderful collision of two very brief events at Double Mountain: heirloom tomato pie season and fresh hop season. The pizzas returned to the menu a few weeks ago, but the brewery just announced that Killer Red, Green and Juicy are all back on tap. There’s even a fresh hop edition of the Fa La La La La Winter Ale, which has been loaded with piney Centennials, so you can drink like it’s Christmas in September.

4. Hetty Alice Brewing at belmont station

4500 SE Stark St., 503-232-8538, belmont-station.com. Noon-11 pm daily.

After launching Living Häus Beer Company with two other Portland brewers at the former Modern Times location this summer, pFriem vet Gavin Lord has spun off his own project inside that same space. The brewery is named after his grandmother, who had a rough upbringing yet became known for her hospitality, a legacy he hopes to carry on with this business. Beer nerds know Lord best for his time as head brewer at Hood River’s pFriem and, after his year off from the industry, are undoubtedly pumped by his return.

5. Rockabilly Cafe

8537 N Lombard St., 503-384-2076, rockabillycafe.com. 8 am-8 pm Wednesday-Thursday and Sunday, 8 am-9 pm Friday-Saturday.

About a month after opening last winter, Rockabilly added alcohol-soaked shakes to its menu, as if it knew we’d need another painkiller as the year wore on. Right now, you should be drinking the White Ukrainian, and not just because it’s trendy to protest the Russian invasion by boycotting the country’s exports along with its name. The shake’s soothing rum-and-coffee flavor is like slipping into that first light sweater of the season as we transition into fall.

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