Fort George

1483 Duane St., Astoria, 325-7468,

Astoria is the coolest city on the Oregon Coast, and this massive brewery pub is the biggest, busiest bar in town. Fort George is a major production brewery that fills grocery-store shelves statewide with its beers, but here you can try a number of fun one-offs and seasonals that never make it into the city proper. Go for anything barrel-aged and try to score a table in the newish upstairs seating area, where there's an expansive view of the city and its working harbor.


18th St., Astoria, 325-4540,

This brewpub burst onto the state's scene two years ago and has since become a destination for day trips. The pub sits on the docks above the Columbia River, and one corner of the dining room has a window looking down to sea lions bellowing from below. The seafood is fresh and the beers are better—Buoy shows an especially deft touch with lagers, including a killer Pils.

Bill's Tavern & Brewhouse

188 N Hemlock St., Cannon Beach, 436-2202,

On the wall of this old-school Cannon Beach brewpub, you'll see Great American Beer Festival medals from back when John Kerry was running for president. The award-winning pale ale, Duck Dive, is still the house's best recipe, though beers like Blackberry Beauty and Mayger Amber feel a little old-fashioned by today's standards.

Cannon Beach Hardware and Public House

1235 S Hemlock St., Cannon Beach, 436-4086,

The "Screw 'n' Brew" claims to be Oregon's first and only combo hardware store and pub. Though it does sell doohickeys to the people who own the beach homes clustered along the shore near Haystack Rock, it's a decidedly upscale spot. Fish and chips are $20, the best-known dish is an ahi salad, also $20, and if the staff doesn't know you, expect the tourist treatment. It's charming, and the food and beer are both way above average for the coast.