Tugboat, Downtown Portland's Oldest Craft Brewery, Severely Damaged By Fire

Bystanders report the roof fell on the floor of Tugboat Brewing, with "books all ruined, carpet squelching water underfoot."

Tugboat Brewing, downtown's oldest craft brewery, is severely damaged after a fire at the upstairs Stewart Apartments on Southwest Broadway, and has had to close for repairs.

Emergency responders were called at 5 am Friday morning to a fire at the former Stewart Apartments, where smoke was billowing out of one of the rooms. According to KATU, Stewart resident Byan Cole was able to pull his neighbor out of the room.

"I could see the reflection of the fire on the walls," Cole told KATU. "It was hard to see through the black smoke, but the fire was really bad in the room."

The brewery suffered massive water damage after the roof collapsed into the brewery below, say employees at Santeria Taqueria and Mary's Club strip club next door, describing a scene in which the "ceiling fell on [the] floor," with "books all ruined, carpet squelching water underfoot."

The door at Tugboat currently sports a very tersely worded sign:

The apartments upstairs had previously been a low-rent hotel called the Stewart Hotel. Fire investigators earlier today had not determined an official cause for the fire, but WW has reached out to both Tugboat owners and city authorities, and will fill in details as they come in.

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