Pub at 8268 SE 13th Ave., brewery and pub at 20585 SW 115th Ave., Tualatin;

Ancestry's brewery is located in the virtual beer desert of Tualatin. The hope is to become a popular spot for folks in the area who like good beer, but don't want to drive into the city to get it. Owner-founder Jeremy Turner has some pro brewing experience, but Ancestry's brewing operation is headed up by Trevor Lauman, a recent graduate of the fermentation science program at Oregon State University. The beers cover a wide range of styles, including a Belgian Blonde, several IPAs and an Irish Red. There's a very nice cherry chocolate stout aging in barrels for release in the near future, probably before the pubs open. Turner had planned to be open by now, but permits and construction dragged behind schedule. If all goes well, the flagship location in Tualatin will open in March and the satellite pub in Sellwood will be close behind. Watch social media for info on hours and openings.

Drink This: The Oat Stout is fantastic on nitro or standard draft.