Brewed by Gnomes

No physical location,

The just-begun Brewed by Gnomes is the beer project of a country doctor. Brewer-owner Shay Hosseinion is an old-guard family M.D.—a breed that's grown rare enough to inspire nostalgia—and though he lives and practices in the Hawthorne District, his backyard contains so many fat and happy squirrels, seven within eyeshot, it might as well be farmland. For now, he's brewing out of Max's Fanno Creek brewpub in Tigard—the same way Rosenstadt is—and he's got just one beer, a calming, low-carbonation Gnome Pale Ale that's cloudy with herbs and flowers, including chamomile and a note of rose, its hops mostly subdued. His future beers will be just as herbal and organic, including a dark with a hint of lavender and a honeysuckle heather. He hopes to get together a taproom over the next year, originally planned for Southeast Division Street, but for now you will find his beers where you find them.

Drink This: That Gnome Pale Ale is beginning to tap at local bars as of press date, starting with Bailey's Taproom and Scout.

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