16506 SE 362nd Drive, Sandy, bunsenbrewer.com. Noon-11 pm Monday-Thursday, noon-midnight Friday-Saturday, noon-9 pm Sunday.

If you were teleported past the entrance to the Sandy industrial park housing Bunsenbrewer, it might pass for your awkwardly decorated high-school chemistry room—informative posters and all. A big, white-walled space filled with classroom desks and a small area for live music, here beer comes keg-to-beaker from a two-barrel system and is ordered by way of a massive periodic table behind the bar. Sadly on our visit, most of the 10 housemade exbeeriments were muddled and odd-tasting, with unrelated styles like an American ale and German Oktoberfest resembling each other both in flavor and color. Still, it's a decent pit stop on the way home from the mountain, if just for the nostalgically nerdy decor, cheap pub food and a sharply fruity and easy-drinking Belgian wit. And the place does have guest taps, which showcase regionally available beers from established operations.

Drink This: The Belgian wit, a fast-sipping Belgian with a yeasty tang to cap each big sip.