35851 Industrial Way, Suite D, St. Helens, 757-8359, capturedbyporches.com. Beer Bus: 113 SE 28th Ave. (in the cart pod); noon-9 pm daily. St. Johns Beer Porch: 7316 N Lombard St., 971-207-3742; noon-9 pm Monday-Thursday, noon-10 pm Friday-Saturday, noon-9 pm Sunday.

A St. Helens brewery with a series of food cart-housed taprooms, Captured by Porches earns Brownie points for its outright charm. At the beer porch in St. Johns—the carts are now a separately owned and operated business from the brewery in St. Helens—the bartender fills his shopping cart with firewood for the woodstove inside of a cozy Christmas light-illuminated enclave while Norah Jones sings softly from speakers under the hand-assembled ceiling. The beers have rough, DIY edges. They're made better by the ambiance and the Mason jars they're served in. This cozy taproom smells like cedar and has an old digital projector that shows double features on movie nights.

Drink This: The Undead Porter, a perfectly rounded dark ale with rich chocolate notes that shines deep red when placed next to the Christmas lights. On the chilly day of our visit, we also cherished a deliciously spiced pumpkin ale.