415 McLoughlin Blvd., Oregon City, 305-5244, feckinbrew.com. 3-11 pm Friday-Saturday, 3-9 pm Sunday.

In a charmingly ramshackle warehouse just upriver from Willamette Falls, you'll find Oregon City's oldest brewery. Sure, it's only been here since spring 2014—it spent three years prior inside Maher's Irish Pub in Lake Oswego—but that still makes it an elder statesman 'round here. Brewmaster Dave Maher, owner of the aforementioned Lake O pub, undertook his first homebrew experiments in Ireland, and a number of Feckin's offerings still bear that influence, such as the toasty Irish Red. But your best bet is Top o' the Feckin Mornin', an imperial coffee milk porter that was named one of our top 10 beers last year—it's rich, sweet and smooth, with a serious caffeine kick. The tasting room, open Fridays through Sundays, has bags of German malt stacked on wooden pallets, mismatched furniture, haphazardly framed historic photos and a huge, cartoonish mural of the nearby falls. On a recent Sunday, the only other patrons were a quartet of fleece-clad retirees—one in socks and Birkenstocks—discussing Eddie Bauer.

Drink This: Top o' the Feckin Mornin', though beware the espresso-strength 8.5 percent ABV.