15630 Boones Ferry Road, Suite 1A, Lake Oswego, 908-1281, flyboybeer.com. Noon-9 pm Monday-Thursday, noon-10 pm Friday, noon-9 Saturday, 2-8 pm Sunday.

In the 'burbs, it can be difficult to track down the latest from Breakside or Barley Brown's. This strip-mall hole in the wall compensates for a lack of charm with 24 killer taps that will keep the corporate drones from nearby Kruse Way current. Although he's festooned his walls with aviation-related art and signage, owner Mark Becker is not a pilot, just the grandson of one. Becker keeps a tidy selection of brewing supplies on hand, and at least one tap serves his own production. The Polish sausages Becker cooks up will keep the ale from going to your head.

Drink This: After 18 years of practice, Becker has the Pilot's Peach Ale nailed.