210 NW 21st Ave., 719-7175, kellsbrewpub.com. 11:30 am-close Monday-Friday, 10 am-close Saturday-Sunday.

Anyone who's aged out of celebrating St. Patrick's Day probably avoids spending a Saturday night at the downtown Kells like it's a potato famine. That location, in particular, is a beacon for college yahoos who don't care about the particular yeast strains in whatever they happen to be chugging to celebrate another hard-fought 0-0 tie by the Timbers. But in its quieter moments, the brewpub in Northwest takes on a different demeanor, more casual date spot than rowdy Irish bar, with an inviting wood and stained-glass aesthetic, allowing for a better appreciation of brewer Garrett McAleese's four in-house staples. All err toward lightness—in the case of the lager and IPA, to the point of being unassuming—though there are those who swear they prefer the dry, chocolaty stout to the Guinness on the next tap over.

Drink This: The Irish Red Ale, subtle and fruity, with a slight taste of caramel.