5736 NE 33rd Ave., 249-3983, mcmenamins.com. 7 pm-1 am daily.

Edgefield is the cornerstone of the McMenamins' brewing empire, but unless you're already heading there to see Death Cab for Cutie, why travel all the way to friggin' Troutdale for a brand that's omnipresent in Portland proper? Of all the McMenamins properties in town, Kennedy School still has the coolest ambiance. A vaguely creepy century-old elementary school repurposed into a multi-use complex, with a hotel, movie theater, soaking pool, restaurant and multiple bars, it's rightfully on every tourist's must-visit list while being taken a bit for granted by locals. If you've gone to a movie or seen a concert or consumed a pub burger in this town, there's a good chance you've sampled the Ruby Ale or the Hammerhead. The onsite brewery—located in the former girls' lavatory—also churns out unique seasonals and small-batch specials. My pick for where to drink: The steampunk- (or perhaps just "steam"-) themed Boiler Room, with its Escher-like layout, is probably the neatest-looking bar in the Concordia neighborhood. Just ignore the screams of the ghost children who haunt the hallways and you'll have fun.

Drink This: Ask for the "RubyNator," an off-menu combo of Ruby Ale and Terminator Stout that makes a better, brighter beer together than either on its own.