4765 NE Fremont St., 460-9025.

This Beaumont neighborhood staple has plenty of seating, a kids' menu, and high ceilings to help disperse the cacophony.

2724 SE Ankeny St., 946-1898.

This newish bar features local brews on tap (including Coalition, which holes up here during the winter), outdoor seating and a casual neighborhood vibe.

930 SE Oak St., 477-7479.

Base Camp is roomy with a large patio, kids' eats and plenty of outdoorsy accoutrements to admire.

820 NE Dekum St., 719-6475.

This bi-level Woodlawn favorite features plenty of outdoor seating and people-watching.

1313 NW Marshall St., 241-3612.

The Pearl District pub has roomy spaces and

kid-friendly fare like pizza and soft pretzels.

701 E Burnside St., 946-8151.

There's a kids' menu with crayons, plus plenty for little eyes to track in the high-ceilinged space, from old pallets and moose horns to vintage light fixtures and an old canoe.

939 SE Belmont St., 265-8603.

This sour-beer specialist sports outdoor picnic tables and cheap snacks.

1728 NE 40th Ave., 943-6157.

There are kids' menus, crayons, books and toys.

Public House

210 NW 11th Ave., 296-4906.

There's plenty of room to spread out in this converted auto-body shop in the Pearl, plus an abundance of kid-friendly grub.

Hilary Sander
Hilary Sander

825 N Cook St., 265-8002.

There are plenty of roomy tables tucked away from the main bar area, plus crayons and a kids' menu.

2326 N Flint Ave., 894-8251.

This nonprofit brewery features a modest kids' menu and thoughtful touches like full-sized restroom changing tables with extra diapers.

131 NW 13th Ave., 820-7721.

The Portland outpost of this Midwestern favorite features plenty of space, plus a kids' menu.

2204 NE Alberta St., No. 101, 548-4491.

This brightened-up sequel to the Mash Tun offers a kids' menu and a load of donated toys to play with. Minors are allowed until closing.

928 SE 9th Ave., 517-0660.

There are board games and a patio, and minors are allowed until 9 pm.

61 SE Yamhill St., 232-6585.

This bar features outdoor seating, cool paintings of salmon and even a few kids' books.

2944 SE Powell Blvd., 232-4677; 3947 N Williams Ave., 287-6258.

Both locations have educational kids' puzzles, toys, books and more.

5115 NE Sandy Blvd., 282-0622; 6716 SE Milwaukie Ave., 894-8267.

Possibly the most overtly family-friendly brewpub in Portland, both main locations have popular play areas.

3901 N Williams Ave., 288-3996; 3412 SE Division St., 235-2215; 1621 SE Bybee Blvd., 232-1728.

The three Lompoc locations on the east side of the river are family- and dog-friendly, with kids' menus. Correction to our print edition: Lompoc Tavern on Northwest 23rd Avenue does not allow kids. Don't bring them. WW regrets the error.

915 SE Hawthorne Blvd., 236-3555; 1945 NW Quimby St., 517-4352; 7675 SW Capitol Highway, 244-2537; 1700 N Killingsworth St., 505-9511.

Each location has a roomy patio space, and practically everything has a picture of a doggie on it!

2828 NE Glisan St., 206-5221.

There are no specific concessions for kids, but they are welcome until 8 pm.

6959 SW Multnomah Blvd., 244-2337; 1700 NE Broadway, 284-4460.

Each bar features crayons, coloring sheets and a good-sized kids' menu.

5201 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., 200-5988.

Crayons, coloring sheets and a kids' menu help, but you can't go wrong with pizza.

700 NE Dekum St., 828-0884, oregonpublichouse.com.

"The world's first nonprofit pub," this nothing-fancy hangout in Woodlawn features beer and burgers, a kids' play area and even occasional kiddie musicians.

1339 NW Flanders St., 222-5910.

There are ample items to look at on the walls, plus pub grub for adventurous kid eaters (cheese-stuffed meatballs, fried curds).

6440 SW Capitol Highway, 402-1999.

Outdoor seating and a laid-back vibe make this a great westside choice.

832 N Beech St., 703-4516.

This bar features an irresistibly large patio, plus burgers and grilled cheese for little ones.

955 N Russell St., 281-3333.

There are crayons and coloring sheets, plus plenty of kid-friendly menu items.

5716 SE 92nd Ave., 971-339-2374.

This Lents newcomer has a modest play area and a kids' menu that includes chicken schnitzel nuggets.