230-9636, leikambrewing.com. By appointment only.

Leikam Brewing's motto is "Can't help but Leikam," and it's true— excepting brewer Theo Leikam's experimental mango- and passionfruit-infused pale ales, the backyard brewery's beers are consistent, unassuming, deliciously simple and, uh, kosher. The Shoreline Pale is crisp and light, with hints of hops and malt that aren't overpowering, unlike the melted popsicle syrup taste in the experimental mango ale. Leikam was a hobby brewer for six years before he and his wife broke ground on a custom brewery space in their backyard two years ago, and they released their first keg to the public just last May. They only make 14 kegs a month, so their business model relies on a community-supported brewing model, a subscription-based club that gives members exclusive tastings and either six, 12 or 24 growlers a year. Leikam may be hard to find, but for people who have grown sick of hops, its beer is hard to let go of.

Drink This: Hey Porter, a smooth chocolaty coffee porter that's more like light cappuccino than milky like a mocha.