2828 NE Glisan St., 206-5221, migrationbrewing.com. 11 am-midnight Monday-Saturday, 11 am-10 pm Sunday

In a town where the majority of breweries could be casually described as "woody," Migration Brewing is perhaps the woodiest of all. Decorating this brewery helped keep Northwest logging alive—there's wood inside, outside and all over the oversized patio. That lends Migration a feeling of extreme coziness and an odd sense of community. Portland comfort food like a spicy bahn mi sandwich matches an average variety of housemade brews—the best of which are the smoothly hopped Glisan Street Dry Hop Pale Ale, and an especially orange zesty cream ale. Every time you go, it feels like you have a good shot at running into a friend, neighbor or co-worker. As far as neighborhood brewpubs go, isn't that the point?

Drink This: Clem's Cream Ale, a tasty and sessionable pale brew with the perfect hint of orange rind.