2020 NW Aloclek Drive, Suite 108, Hillsboro, 971-322-0232, threemugsbrewingco.com. 3-9 pm Tuesday-Thursday, 2:30-10 pm Friday, noon-10 pm Saturday, noon-6 pm Sunday.

Inside this homey Hillsboro pub, a surprisingly friendly family Doberman runs to greet customers as Mom lays on the couch, and Dad the brewer pours beer behind the bar. Jay Jennings has been homebrewing since the Carter administration, and parlayed his hobby into owning a homebrew shop, which is now also a licensed brewery. The 25 beers on tap vary wildly in styles, from a gut-warming Russian imperial stout (one of six beers that stagger past 9 percent ABV) to a crisp and pungent grapefruit IPA. As I get up to leave, Dad offers to cook me a burger on the ol' Broil King out front in honor of "Free Burger Friday." I decline—it's Saturday.

Drink This: The Russian imperial stout has a soft chocolate touch.