Dust off that stein, polish that boot, and get used to drinking on the Metric system: You and your liver are likely taking a trip to Bavaria this week. A massive assortment of seasonal celebrations abound, with numerous Oktoberfests (and one, er, “Octoberfest”), a lengthy fresh hop fest, and a smatter of summery cider holdovers from Reverend Nat’s.
You can wear a dirndl or lederhosen to any of these. Just sayin’.

Thursday, September 21

Fresh Hops Pop-Up

Fresh hop season is a perk you get for just living here, with farm-fresh, bright-green hops throwing off beautifully idiosyncratic farmy notes in beer made just a car ride from where the hops are grown. And now, at the height of the season, there’s a five-day parking-lot party in the middle of town with daily tappings bringing out the freshest, the hoppiest and the best of the crop. Lucky you. Burnside Brewing, 701 E Burnside. All day. September 20-24. Free.

Friday, September 22

Reverend Nat's Endless Summer

Nat and his apple-squeezing team lament the last warm days of the year with a flight of sunny fruit flavors, including ciders with Hermiston watermelon, pineapple, blood orange, and several fan-favorite Tepache blends. Fuck it, you might as well shiver in shorts. Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider, 1813 NE 2nd Ave. 4-11 pm. Free.

Saturday, September 23

Deschutes Street Pub

Deschutes’ Street Pub is legendary, a 50-tap bar on wheels that rolls all over the country and plops down wherever the fuck it likes, in the middle of the street—with rare beers, live bands and a bunch of food cooked at 200 SE 2nd Avenue, a block north of Wayfinder brewery, the off-street bar right by Deschutes’ on-street bar. Wayfinder, 304 SE 2nd Ave. 2-10 pm. Free.

Occidental Oktoberfest

(Thomas Teal)
(Thomas Teal)

Occidental throws its biggest harvest season celebration yet, filling huge glass steins and grilling up sausages from the Urban German Grill at its Wursthaus. Given the brewery’s ability to produce excellent malty lagers, we expect a healthy done of uber rides will come via the endless liters of Festbier on tap. Occidental Brewing Company, 6635 N Baltimore Ave. 12-9 pm. $10 for admission, a glass stein, and one beer.

Rosenstadt Octoberfest

Guess if your German beer is brewed in Portland, you spell Octoberfest with a C. Either way, meat-happy chalet Tannery Bar is serving up Krautrock, German-garb contests, stein-hoisting contests and Weisswurst for breakfast, with a full tap takeover and brewer meet-and-greet with fine Rosenstadt beers on their pleasant patio: Festbier, Helles Lager, German Pale and Weissbier. Hell(e)s yeah. The Tannery Bar, 5425 E Burnside St. All day, September 23-24. Free.

Sunday, September 24

Edgefield Oktoberfest

Oregon’s drinking Disneyland throws a beer-soaked Oktoberfest of its own this weekend, inviting musicians to fill each of its cubbyhole stages and tapping numerous kegs of malty lager throughout its seemingly endless bars. Here’s a quest for the strong livered among you: Try to get a pour at each before passing out in the grass. We’re not sure it’s possible, but it sure sounds fun to try… McMenamins Edgefield, 2126 SW Halsey St, Troutdale. 11 am-10 pm. Free.