All the 2018 Oregon Beer Award Winners

The best beers in Oregon, as judged in a double-blind tasting

The Willamette Week-sponsored 2018 Oregon Beer Awards took place Wednesday, February 28, at Revolution Hall, awarding the best beers in the state of Oregon. The best beers were chosen in double-blind tastings by a total of 86 judges, from an entry pool of 1029 beers entered by 122 breweries around the state. It is the only statewide double blind beer tasting competition in Oregon. The best large, medium and small breweries are determined according to the medals won by each brewery.


BREWERY OF THE YEAR (Large): pFriem Family Brewers

BREWERY OF THE YEAR (Medium): Baerlic Brewery

BREWERY OF THE YEAR (Small): Logsdon Farmhouse Ales

BEST NEW BREWERY: Wayfinder Beer


BEST BEER FESTIVAL: Festival of the Dark Arts


Gold: Grain Station: Pitchfork Pilsner

Silver: Breakside (Milwaukie): Breakside Pilsner

Bronze: 10 Barrel (Bend, East Side): Smooth Talker
Golden, Blonde and Light Ales

Gold: Public Coast: 67' Blonde

Silver: Gigantic: Kölschtastic

Bronze: Old Town: Sun Dazed

Gold: Stormbreaker: Opacus

Silver: PINTS: Steel Bridge Stout

Bronze: Crux Stout
Classic German and Bohemian Styles

Gold: Fort George: Funeral Pyre

Silver: Mt. Tabor: Taborator Dopplebock

Bronze: Rosenstadt: Schwarzbier
Classic UK Styles

Gold: Boneyard Beer (Brew 1): The Femur

Silver: Ram: Disorder Porter

Bronze: Old Town: Shanghai'd IPA
Classic North American Styles

Gold: Worthy: Prefunk Pale Ale

Silver: Falling Sky: Upside Brown Ale

Bronze: Silver Moon: Get Sum Pale Ale
Belgian Beers

Gold: Crux: Doublecross

Silver: Monkless: Dubbel or Nothing

Bronze: Alesong: Dubbel
Saisons and Farmhouse Ales

Gold: Crux: Crux Farmhouse

Silver: Logsdon: Seizoen

Bronze: Yachats: Cetacea

Sessionable Hoppy Beers

Gold: pFriem: Mosaic Single Hop Pale

Silver: Sunriver: Rippin

Bronze: Barley Brown's: Pygmy Pale Ale
Strong Hoppy Beers

Gold: Sunriver: Resin Nation

Silver: Oakshire: Perfect Storm

Bronze: Ruse: Interpreter
Dark Hoppy Beers

Gold: Boneyard: Skunkape

Silver: Ecliptic: Orange Giant Barleywine

Bronze: Vanguard: Ink Spot
American IPA

Gold: Breakside (Milwaukie): Wanderlust IPA

Silver: Sunriver: Moxee

Bronze: Breakside (Milwaukie): Breakside IPA
Hazy Hoppy Beers

Gold: Ruse: Papyrus Iris

Silver: Oakshire: IPA #3

Bronze: Great Notion Ripe
Barrel-Aged Beers

Gold: Ninkasi: 2017 Cask Strength Ground Control

Silver: Pelican: Father of All Tsunamis

Bronze: Gigantic: Pipewrench
Rare and Historical Beers

Gold: Heater Allen: Block House Beer

Silver: Upright: Dirty Passport

Bronze: Old Town: KY Common
Flavored Beers

Gold: Monkless: Friar's Festivus

Silver: Deschutes (Brew 1): Early Grey IPA

Bronze: Rock Bottom: Port-Chata

Fruit and Field Beers

Gold: Logsdon: ZuuirPruim

Silver: 10 Barrel (Bend, East Side): Raspberry Crush

Bronze: 10 Barrel (PDX): Glen Coco
Coffee Beers

Gold: Three Creeks: Frontier Justice Coffee Stout

Silver: Allegory: Starless Sky

Bronze: Grain Station: Kanataka Coffee Stout
Experimental Beers

Gold: The Labrewatory: London Fog Barleywine

Silver: Great Notion: Peanut Brother

Bronze: Alesong: Pinot Spontanee
Classic Sours

Gold: Royale: Strassen Katze

Silver: Wild Ride: Phoenix of Flanders

Bronze: pFriem: Frambozen
American Sours

Gold: 10 Barrel (PDX): Salted Yuzu Sour

Silver: Logsdon: Raven & Rubus

Bronze: 10 Barrel (Bend, East Side): Pickin Mission
Brett and Mixed Culture Beers

Gold: Upright: Pathways Saison

Silver: Gigantic: Ex Ex

Oakshire: Nectarnal Slumber
Wood and Barrel-Aged Sour and Brett Beers

Gold: Baerlic: WoodWorker: Harshmellow Mountain

Silver: Santiam: Vlaams Rood

Bronze: Cascade: Sang Noir
Fresh Hop

Gold: Breakside: Fresh Hop Cascade Wanderlust

Silver: Breakside: What Fresh Beast

Bronze: StormBreaker: Fresh Hop House Martell