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OBA Winners 2015
Best (no silver or bronze awarded)

Best Brewpub Experience – pFriem Family Brewers
Best New Brewery – Buoy
Best Beer Bar – Belmont Station
Best Beer Festival – Cheers to Belgian Beers
Lager – Heater Allen Pils
Session Beer – Barley Brown’s Handtruck Pale Ale
Hoppy – Barley Brown’s Pallet Jack
Island of Misfit Beers – Burnside’s Sweet Heat
Belgian – Common’s Urban Farmhouse Ale
Dark – Barley Brown’s Turmoil
Sour – Logsdon’s Peche n Brett
Traditional – Occidental’s Altbier
Best Barrel Aged – Pelican’s Mother of All Storms
Strong Hoppy – Laurelwood’s Megafauna

OBA Winners 2016

Hall of Fame Award – Fred Eckhardt, 1926 – 2015
Best Bottle Shop/Beer Bar – Belmont Station
Brewery of the Year – pFriem Family Brewers
Best New Brewery – Culmination
Best Brewpub Experience – pFriem Family Brewers
Best Beer Festival – Festival of the Dark Arts

Gold – Widmer Brothers, PDX Pils
Silver – Widmer Brothers, Green and Gold
Bronze – Terminal Gravity, Wallowa Lake Lagers

Gold – Widmer Brothers, Hefeweizen
Silver – Fort George, Quick Wit
Bronze – Occidental, Hefeweizen

Gold – Ecliptic Brewing, Capella Porter
Silver – Fat Heads, Battle Axe
Bronze – Arch Rock Brewing Co., He-Man Imperial Stout

Classic Styles
Gold – Buoy, Dunkel
Silver – Golden Valley, Atlas Elevator Doppelbock
Bronze – Golden Valley, Red Thistle Alebeast Beer Bar

Belgian Beers
Gold – The Commons, Urban Farmhouse Ale
Silver – Mazama, Saison d’Etre
Bronze – Fat Heads, Pimp My Sleigh

Sessionable Hoppy Beers
Gold – Deschutes Portland, Hoppy Pilsner
Silver – pFriem Family Brewers, Mosaic Pale Ale
Bronze – Sunriver, Rippin NW Ale

Strong Hoppy Beers
Gold – Breakside, Hop Delivery Mechanism Double IPA
Silver – Breakside Brewery, Safe Word Triple IPA
Bronze – pFriem, Double IPA

Dark Hoppy Beers
Gold – Buoy, Cascadia
Silver – Sunriver, 2nd Anniversary Imperial Red
Bronze – Ecliptic, Orange Giant Barleywine

American IPA
Gold – Breakside, Wanderlust IPA
Silver – 10 Barrel – Bend, Joe IPA
Bronze – Golden Valley, Bald Peak IPA

Barrel-Aged Beers
Gold – Gigantic, Pipewrench
Silver – pFriem, Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout
Bronze – Breakside, The Pathfinder

Sour & Wild Beers
Gold – Stickmen, Kissed By Melons
Silver – Cascade, Foudre #1 2013
Bronze – Cascade, Kriek 2014

Flavored Beers
Gold – Ex Novo, Nevermore
Silver – Three Creeks, TenPine Chocolate Porter
Bronze – Upright, Fatali Four

Fruit and Field Beers
Gold – The Commons, Clarabelle
Silver – Double Mountain, Peche Mode
Bronze – 10 Barrel – Bend, Cucumber Crush

Experimental Beers
Gold – Breakside, Vienna Coffee Beer
Silver – Breakside, Bon Vivant
Bronze – The Labrewatory, Billy the Squid

OBA Winners 2017

Hall of Fame Award – Don Younger
Best Bottle Shop/Beer Bar – Belmont Station
Brewery of the Year – Large – Breakside Brewery
Brewery of the Year – Medium – The Commons
Brewery of the Year – Small – Baerlic Brewing Co
Best New Brewery – Alesong Brewing
Best Brewpub Experience – pFriem Family Brewers
Best Beer Festival – Festival of the Dark Arts

Gold – Breakside Brewery + Taproom, Breakside Pilsner
Silver – Freebridge Brewing, Pulpit Rock Pilsner
Bronze – Full Sail Brewery, Cascade Pilsner

Gold – Pelican Brewing Company, Kiwanda Cream Ale
Silver – StormBreaker Brewing, Total ReKolsch
Bronze – Golden Valley Restaurant + Brewery, Carlton Kölsch

Gold – McKenzie Brewing Company, Break Action Porter
Silver – Falling Sky Brewing, Dreadnut Stout
Bronze – Three Creeks Brewing Company, FivePine Chocolate Porter

Classic German Styles
Gold – Rosenstadt Brewery, Altbier
Silver – PINTS Brewing Company, Yule Log-er Smoked Helles Bock
Bronze – Upright Brewing, Apple Wood Smoked Helles Bock

Classic UK & American Styles
Gold – Widmer Brothers Brewing, Hefe
Silver – Back Pedal Brewing, Summer Breeze
Bronze – Hop Valley Brewing Company, Paunchy Porter

Belgian Beers
Gold – Fat Head’s Brewery, Pimp My Sleigh
Silver – Burnside Brewing Company, Juin
Bronze – Deschutes Brewery – Bend, Elkington’s Golden Strong

Saisons and Farmhouse Ales
Gold – Base Camp Brewing Company, Harvest Saison
Silver – The Commons Brewery, Urban Farmhouse Ale
Bronze – Deschutes Brewery – Portland Public House, Blended Saison

Sessionable Hoppy Beers
Gold – Worthy Brewing Company, Stratasphere IPA
Silver – Sunriver Brewing Company, Electric Avenue Session IPA
Bronze – Breakside Brewery + Taproom, Lunch Break ISA

Strong Hoppy Beers
Gold – Breakside Brewery, Precious Snowflake Double IPA
Silver – 10 Barrel Brewing – Portland, Pearl IPA
Bronze – GoodLife Brewing Company, Comatose Imperial IPA

Dark Hoppy Beers
Gold – Burnside Brewing Company, Keg Nog
Silver – Salem Ale Works, Cast Iron CDA
Bronze – Baerlic Brewing Company, Dark Thoughts Cascadian Dark Ale

American IPA
Gold – Breakside Brewery + Taproom, Tall Guy
Silver – Fat Heads Brewery, Semper FiPA
Bronze – Breakside Brewery + Taproom, Breakside IPA

Barrel-Aged Beers
Gold – Santiam Brewing Company, Pirate Stout
Silver – Hop Valley Brewing, Production, Pinot Barrel-Aged Sailblonde
Bronze – Alesong Brewing + Blending, Rhino Suit

Fresh Hop
Gold – Baerlic Brewing Company, Pioneer Fresh Hop Special Bitter
Silver – Sunriver Brewery, D’Bomb
Bronze – pFriem Family Brewers, Fresh Hop Mosaic Pale

Flavored Beers
Gold – Upright Brewing, Fatali Four
Silver – Rock Bottom Brewery, Port-Chata
Bronze – Sunriver Brewing Company, Cocoa Cow

Fruit & Field Beers
Gold – Logsdon Farmhouse Ales, Peche ‘n Brett
Silver – Upright Brewing, Oregon Native
Bronze – pFriem Family Brewers, Kumquat Farmhouse Ale

Coffee Beers
Gold – Three Creeks Brewing Company, Frontier Justice Coffee Stout
Silver – Feckin Brewery, Feckin De Los Muertos
Bronze – Wild Ride Brewing, Stand Up and Shout Stout

Experimental Beers
Gold – Wolf Tree Brewery, Spruce Tip Gruit
Silver – Breakside Brewery + Taproom, Bellwether 2015
Bronze – Breakside Brewery + Taproom, Vienna Coffee Beer

Classic Sours
Gold – Royale Brewing Company, Strassen Katze
Silver – Laurelwood Brewing, Flanders Red
Bronze – Breakside Brewery, New World Bruin

Wood + Barrel-Aged Sour + Brett
Gold – Cascade Brewing, Framblanc 2015
Silver – Wolves + People Farmhouse Brewery, OE2 (Blend One)
Bronze – Baerlic Brewing Company, Wood Worker Harshmellow Mountain

American Sour
Gold – Breakside Brewery, #MakingFriendsMakingMemories
Silver – Yachats Brewing, Salal Sour
Bronze – Stickmen Brewing Company, Emilia

Other Traditional Beers
Gold – Silver Moon Brewing, Ghost Fields Rye IPA
Silver – StormBreaker Brewing, Imperial Mississippi Rye’d
Bronze – Mt. Tabor Brewing Company, Cowboy’s Lament

Brett & Mixed Culture
Gold – Logsdon Farmhouse Ales, Oak Aged Bretta
Silver – Breakside Brewery, Homunculus
Bronze – Oakshire Brewing, “X” Tenth Anniversary

OBA Winners 2018

Hall of Fame Award – John Harris
Best Bottle Shop/Beer Bar – Belmont Station
Brewery of the Year – Large – pFriem Family Brewers
Brewery of the Year – Medium – Baerlic Brewery
Brewery of the Year – Small – Logsdon Farmhouse Ales
Best New Brewery – Wayfinder
Best Brewpub Experience – pFriem Family Brewers
Best Beer Festival – Festival of the Dark Arts

Gold – Grain Station: Pitchfork Pilsner
Silver – Breakside (Milwaukie): Breakside Pilsner
Bronze – 10 Barrel (Bend, East Side): Smooth Talker

Golden, Blonde and Light Ales
Gold – Public Coast: 67′ Blonde
Silver – Gigantic: Kölschtastic
Bronze – Old Town: Sun Dazed

Gold – Stormbreaker: Opacus
Silver – PINTS: Steel Bridge Stout
Bronze – Crux Stout

Classic German and Bohemian Styles
Gold – Fort George: Funeral Pyre
Silver – Mt. Tabor: Taborator Dopplebock
Bronze – Rosenstadt: Schwarzbier

UK Styles
Gold – Boneyard Beer (Brew 1): The Femur
Silver – Ram: Disorder Porter
Bronze – Old Town: Shanghai’d IPA

Classic North American Styles
Gold – Worthy: Prefunk Pale Ale
Silver – Falling Sky: Upside Brown Ale
Bronze – Silver Moon: Get Sum Pale Ale

Belgian Beers
Gold – Crux: Doublecross
Silver – Monkless: Dubbel or Nothing
Bronze – Alesong: Dubbel

Saisons and Farmhouse Ales
Gold – Crux: Crux Farmhouse
Silver – Logsdon: Seizoen
Bronze – Yachats: Cetacea

Sessionable Hoppy Beers
Gold – pFriem: Mosaic Single Hop Pale
Silver – Sunriver: Rippin
Bronze – Barley Brown’s: Pygmy Pale Ale

Strong Hoppy Beers
Gold – Sunriver: Resin Nation
Silver – Oakshire: Perfect Storm
Bronze – Ruse: Interpreter

Dark Hoppy Beers
Gold – Boneyard: Skunkape
Silver – Ecliptic: Orange Giant Barleywine
Bronze – Vanguard: Ink Spot

American IPA
Gold – Breakside (Milwaukie): Wanderlust IPA
Silver – Sunriver: Moxee
Bronze – Breakside (Milwaukie): Breakside IPA

Hazy Hoppy Beers
Gold – Ruse: Papyrus Iris
Silver – Oakshire: IPA #3
Bronze – Great Notion Ripe

Barrel-Aged Beers
Gold – Ninkasi: 2017 Cask Strength Ground Control
Silver – Pelican: Father of All Tsunamis
Bronze – Gigantic: Pipewrench

Rare and Historical Beers
Gold – Heater Allen: Block House Beer
Silver – Upright: Dirty Passport
Bronze – Old Town: KY Common

Flavored Beers
Gold – Monkless: Friar’s Festivus
Silver – Deschutes (Brew 1): Early Grey IPA
Bronze – Rock Bottom: Port-Chata

Fruit and Field Beers
Gold – Logsdon: ZuuirPruim
Silver – 10 Barrel (Bend, East Side): Raspberry Crush
Bronze – 10 Barrel (PDX): Glen Coco

Coffee Beers
Gold – Three Creeks: Frontier Justice Coffee Stout
Silver – Allegory: Starless Sky
Bronze – Grain Station: Kanataka Coffee Stout

Experimental Beers
Gold – The Labrewatory: London Fog Barleywine
Silver – Great Notion: Peanut Brother
Bronze – Alesong: Pinot Spontanee

Classic Sours
Gold – Royale: Strassen Katze
Silver – Wild Ride: Phoenix of Flanders
Bronze – pFriem: Frambozen

American Sours
Gold – 10 Barrel (PDX): Salted Yuzu Sour
Silver – Logsdon: Raven & Rubus
Bronze – 10 Barrel (Bend, East Side): Pickin Mission

Brett and Mixed Culture Beers
Gold – Upright: Pathways Saison
Silver – Gigantic: Ex Ex
Bronze – Nectarnal Slumber

Wood and Barrel-Aged Sour and Brett Beers
Gold – Baerlic: WoodWorker: Harshmellow Mountain
Silver – Santiam: Vlaams Rood
Bronze – Cascade: Sang Noir

Fresh Hop
Gold – Breakside: Fresh Hop Cascade Wanderlust
Silver – Breakside: What Fresh Beast
Bronze – StormBreaker: Fresh Hop House Martell