Oregon Beer Award Winners Past and Present

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OBA Winners 2015
Best (no silver or bronze awarded)

Best Brewpub Experience – pFriem Family Brewers
Best New Brewery – Buoy
Best Beer Bar – Belmont Station
Best Beer Festival – Cheers to Belgian Beers
Lager – Heater Allen Pils
Session Beer – Barley Brown’s Handtruck Pale Ale
Hoppy – Barley Brown’s Pallet Jack
Island of Misfit Beers – Burnside’s Sweet Heat
Belgian – Common’s Urban Farmhouse Ale
Dark – Barley Brown’s Turmoil
Sour – Logsdon’s Peche n Brett
Traditional – Occidental’s Altbier
Best Barrel Aged – Pelican’s Mother of All Storms
Strong Hoppy – Laurelwood’s Megafauna


OBA Winners 2016

Hall of Fame Award – Fred Eckhardt, 1926 – 2015
Best Bottle Shop/Beer Bar – Belmont Station
Brewery of the Year – pFriem Family Brewers
Best New Brewery – Culmination
Best Brewpub Experience – pFriem Family Brewers
Best Beer Festival – Festival of the Dark Arts

Gold – Widmer Brothers, PDX Pils
Silver – Widmer Brothers, Green and Gold
Bronze – Terminal Gravity, Wallowa Lake Lagers

Gold – Widmer Brothers, Hefeweizen
Silver – Fort George, Quick Wit
Bronze – Occidental, Hefeweizen

Gold – Ecliptic Brewing, Capella Porter
Silver – Fat Heads, Battle Axe
Bronze – Arch Rock Brewing Co., He-Man Imperial Stout

Classic Styles
Gold – Buoy, Dunkel
Silver – Golden Valley, Atlas Elevator Doppelbock
Bronze – Golden Valley, Red Thistle Alebeast Beer Bar

Belgian Beers
Gold – The Commons, Urban Farmhouse Ale
Silver – Mazama, Saison d’Etre
Bronze – Fat Heads, Pimp My Sleigh

Sessionable Hoppy Beers
Gold – Deschutes Portland, Hoppy Pilsner
Silver – pFriem Family Brewers, Mosaic Pale Ale
Bronze – Sunriver, Rippin NW Ale

Strong Hoppy Beers
Gold – Breakside, Hop Delivery Mechanism Double IPA
Silver – Breakside Brewery, Safe Word Triple IPA
Bronze – pFriem, Double IPA

Dark Hoppy Beers
Gold – Buoy, Cascadia
Silver – Sunriver, 2nd Anniversary Imperial Red
Bronze – Ecliptic, Orange Giant Barleywine

American IPA
Gold – Breakside, Wanderlust IPA
Silver – 10 Barrel – Bend, Joe IPA
Bronze – Golden Valley, Bald Peak IPA

Barrel-Aged Beers
Gold – Gigantic, Pipewrench
Silver – pFriem, Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout
Bronze – Breakside, The Pathfinder

Sour & Wild Beers
Gold – Stickmen, Kissed By Melons
Silver – Cascade, Foudre #1 2013
Bronze – Cascade, Kriek 2014

Flavored Beers
Gold – Ex Novo, Nevermore
Silver – Three Creeks, TenPine Chocolate Porter
Bronze – Upright, Fatali Four

Fruit and Field Beers
Gold – The Commons, Clarabelle
Silver – Double Mountain, Peche Mode
Bronze – 10 Barrel – Bend, Cucumber Crush

Experimental Beers
Gold – Breakside, Vienna Coffee Beer
Silver – Breakside, Bon Vivant
Bronze – The Labrewatory, Billy the Squid


OBA Winners 2017

Hall of Fame Award – Don Younger
Best Bottle Shop/Beer Bar – Belmont Station
Brewery of the Year – Large – Breakside Brewery
Brewery of the Year – Medium – The Commons
Brewery of the Year – Small – Baerlic Brewing Co
Best New Brewery – Alesong Brewing
Best Brewpub Experience – pFriem Family Brewers
Best Beer Festival – Festival of the Dark Arts

Gold – Breakside Brewery + Taproom, Breakside Pilsner
Silver – Freebridge Brewing, Pulpit Rock Pilsner
Bronze – Full Sail Brewery, Cascade Pilsner

Gold – Pelican Brewing Company, Kiwanda Cream Ale
Silver – StormBreaker Brewing, Total ReKolsch
Bronze – Golden Valley Restaurant + Brewery, Carlton Kölsch

Gold – McKenzie Brewing Company, Break Action Porter
Silver – Falling Sky Brewing, Dreadnut Stout
Bronze – Three Creeks Brewing Company, FivePine Chocolate Porter

Classic German Styles
Gold – Rosenstadt Brewery, Altbier
Silver – PINTS Brewing Company, Yule Log-er Smoked Helles Bock
Bronze – Upright Brewing, Apple Wood Smoked Helles Bock

Classic UK & American Styles
Gold – Widmer Brothers Brewing, Hefe
Silver – Back Pedal Brewing, Summer Breeze
Bronze – Hop Valley Brewing Company, Paunchy Porter

Belgian Beers
Gold – Fat Head’s Brewery, Pimp My Sleigh
Silver – Burnside Brewing Company, Juin
Bronze – Deschutes Brewery – Bend, Elkington’s Golden Strong

Saisons and Farmhouse Ales
Gold – Base Camp Brewing Company, Harvest Saison
Silver – The Commons Brewery, Urban Farmhouse Ale
Bronze – Deschutes Brewery – Portland Public House, Blended Saison

Sessionable Hoppy Beers
Gold – Worthy Brewing Company, Stratasphere IPA
Silver – Sunriver Brewing Company, Electric Avenue Session IPA
Bronze – Breakside Brewery + Taproom, Lunch Break ISA

Strong Hoppy Beers
Gold – Breakside Brewery, Precious Snowflake Double IPA
Silver – 10 Barrel Brewing – Portland, Pearl IPA
Bronze – GoodLife Brewing Company, Comatose Imperial IPA

Dark Hoppy Beers
Gold – Burnside Brewing Company, Keg Nog
Silver – Salem Ale Works, Cast Iron CDA
Bronze – Baerlic Brewing Company, Dark Thoughts Cascadian Dark Ale

American IPA
Gold – Breakside Brewery + Taproom, Tall Guy
Silver – Fat Heads Brewery, Semper FiPA
Bronze – Breakside Brewery + Taproom, Breakside IPA

Barrel-Aged Beers
Gold – Santiam Brewing Company, Pirate Stout
Silver – Hop Valley Brewing, Production, Pinot Barrel-Aged Sailblonde
Bronze – Alesong Brewing + Blending, Rhino Suit

Fresh Hop
Gold – Baerlic Brewing Company, Pioneer Fresh Hop Special Bitter
Silver – Sunriver Brewery, D’Bomb
Bronze – pFriem Family Brewers, Fresh Hop Mosaic Pale

Flavored Beers
Gold – Upright Brewing, Fatali Four
Silver – Rock Bottom Brewery, Port-Chata
Bronze – Sunriver Brewing Company, Cocoa Cow

Fruit & Field Beers
Gold – Logsdon Farmhouse Ales, Peche ‘n Brett
Silver – Upright Brewing, Oregon Native
Bronze – pFriem Family Brewers, Kumquat Farmhouse Ale

Coffee Beers
Gold – Three Creeks Brewing Company, Frontier Justice Coffee Stout
Silver – Feckin Brewery, Feckin De Los Muertos
Bronze – Wild Ride Brewing, Stand Up and Shout Stout

Experimental Beers
Gold – Wolf Tree Brewery, Spruce Tip Gruit
Silver – Breakside Brewery + Taproom, Bellwether 2015
Bronze – Breakside Brewery + Taproom, Vienna Coffee Beer

Classic Sours
Gold – Royale Brewing Company, Strassen Katze
Silver – Laurelwood Brewing, Flanders Red
Bronze – Breakside Brewery, New World Bruin

Wood + Barrel-Aged Sour + Brett
Gold – Cascade Brewing, Framblanc 2015
Silver – Wolves + People Farmhouse Brewery, OE2 (Blend One)
Bronze – Baerlic Brewing Company, Wood Worker Harshmellow Mountain

American Sour
Gold – Breakside Brewery, #MakingFriendsMakingMemories
Silver – Yachats Brewing, Salal Sour
Bronze – Stickmen Brewing Company, Emilia

Other Traditional Beers
Gold – Silver Moon Brewing, Ghost Fields Rye IPA
Silver – StormBreaker Brewing, Imperial Mississippi Rye’d
Bronze – Mt. Tabor Brewing Company, Cowboy’s Lament

Brett & Mixed Culture
Gold – Logsdon Farmhouse Ales, Oak Aged Bretta
Silver – Breakside Brewery, Homunculus
Bronze – Oakshire Brewing, “X” Tenth Anniversary


OBA Winners 2018

Hall of Fame Award – John Harris
Best Bottle Shop/Beer Bar – Belmont Station
Brewery of the Year – Large – pFriem Family Brewers
Brewery of the Year – Medium – Baerlic Brewery
Brewery of the Year – Small – Logsdon Farmhouse Ales
Best New Brewery – Wayfinder
Best Brewpub Experience – pFriem Family Brewers
Best Beer Festival – Festival of the Dark Arts

Gold – Grain Station: Pitchfork Pilsner
Silver – Breakside (Milwaukie): Breakside Pilsner
Bronze – 10 Barrel (Bend, East Side): Smooth Talker

Golden, Blonde and Light Ales
Gold – Public Coast: 67′ Blonde
Silver – Gigantic: Kölschtastic
Bronze – Old Town: Sun Dazed

Gold – Stormbreaker: Opacus
Silver – PINTS: Steel Bridge Stout
Bronze – Crux Stout

Classic German and Bohemian Styles
Gold – Fort George: Funeral Pyre
Silver – Mt. Tabor: Taborator Dopplebock
Bronze – Rosenstadt: Schwarzbier

UK Styles
Gold – Boneyard Beer (Brew 1): The Femur
Silver – Ram: Disorder Porter
Bronze – Old Town: Shanghai’d IPA

Classic North American Styles
Gold – Worthy: Prefunk Pale Ale
Silver – Falling Sky: Upside Brown Ale
Bronze – Silver Moon: Get Sum Pale Ale

Belgian Beers
Gold – Crux: Doublecross
Silver – Monkless: Dubbel or Nothing
Bronze – Alesong: Dubbel

Saisons and Farmhouse Ales
Gold – Crux: Crux Farmhouse
Silver – Logsdon: Seizoen
Bronze – Yachats: Cetacea

Sessionable Hoppy Beers
Gold – pFriem: Mosaic Single Hop Pale
Silver – Sunriver: Rippin
Bronze – Barley Brown’s: Pygmy Pale Ale

Strong Hoppy Beers
Gold – Sunriver: Resin Nation
Silver – Oakshire: Perfect Storm
Bronze – Ruse: Interpreter

Dark Hoppy Beers
Gold – Boneyard: Skunkape
Silver – Ecliptic: Orange Giant Barleywine
Bronze – Vanguard: Ink Spot

American IPA
Gold – Breakside (Milwaukie): Wanderlust IPA
Silver – Sunriver: Moxee
Bronze – Breakside (Milwaukie): Breakside IPA

Hazy Hoppy Beers
Gold – Ruse: Papyrus Iris
Silver – Oakshire: IPA #3
Bronze – Great Notion Ripe

Barrel-Aged Beers
Gold – Ninkasi: 2017 Cask Strength Ground Control
Silver – Pelican: Father of All Tsunamis
Bronze – Gigantic: Pipewrench

Rare and Historical Beers
Gold – Heater Allen: Block House Beer
Silver – Upright: Dirty Passport
Bronze – Old Town: KY Common

Flavored Beers
Gold – Monkless: Friar’s Festivus
Silver – Deschutes (Brew 1): Early Grey IPA
Bronze – Rock Bottom: Port-Chata

Fruit and Field Beers
Gold – Logsdon: ZuuirPruim
Silver – 10 Barrel (Bend, East Side): Raspberry Crush
Bronze – 10 Barrel (PDX): Glen Coco

Coffee Beers
Gold – Three Creeks: Frontier Justice Coffee Stout
Silver – Allegory: Starless Sky
Bronze – Grain Station: Kanataka Coffee Stout

Experimental Beers
Gold – The Labrewatory: London Fog Barleywine
Silver – Great Notion: Peanut Brother
Bronze – Alesong: Pinot Spontanee

Classic Sours
Gold – Royale: Strassen Katze
Silver – Wild Ride: Phoenix of Flanders
Bronze – pFriem: Frambozen

American Sours
Gold – 10 Barrel (PDX): Salted Yuzu Sour
Silver – Logsdon: Raven & Rubus
Bronze – 10 Barrel (Bend, East Side): Pickin Mission

Brett and Mixed Culture Beers
Gold – Upright: Pathways Saison
Silver – Gigantic: Ex Ex
Bronze – Nectarnal Slumber

Wood and Barrel-Aged Sour and Brett Beers
Gold – Baerlic: WoodWorker: Harshmellow Mountain
Silver – Santiam: Vlaams Rood
Bronze – Cascade: Sang Noir

Fresh Hop
Gold – Breakside: Fresh Hop Cascade Wanderlust
Silver – Breakside: What Fresh Beast
Bronze – StormBreaker: Fresh Hop House Martell


OBA Winners 2019

Gold – 10 Barrel Brewing Co. East Side Pub Smooth Talker
Silver – Sunriver Brewing Company Czech Meowt
Bronze – 10 Barrel Brewing Portland Whitburger

Golden, Blonde and Other Light Ales
Gold – Bend Brewing Company Alpha Blonde
Silver – Breakside Brewery – Slabtown True Gold
Bronze – Wild Ride Brewing Big Booty Golden Ale

Gold – Barley Brown’s Brew Pub Havoc
Silver – Wolf Tree Brewery Ship Biscuits
Bronze – Bend Brewing Company Trade War Export Stout

Light German and Bohemian Beers (6 percent ABV and lower)
Gold – 10 Barrel Brewing Co. West Side Pub Baywindow
Silver – Zoiglhaus Brewing Company Zoigl-Schwarz
Bronze – Breakside Brewery – Dekum Lucky as Helles

German Strong Lagers, Wheat/Rye Beers and Smoke Beers
Gold – Heater Allen Brewing Export Lager
Silver – Culmination Brewing Company On The Keller
Bronze – Buoy Beer Company The Decapitator

Classic UK Styles
Gold – Crux Fermentation Project Gramps Ale
Silver – Level Beer Biscuits to a Bear
Bronze – 10 Barrel Brewing Co. East Side Pub RedeuX

Classic North American Styles
Gold – Ecliptic Brewing Capella Porter
Silver – Sunriver Brewing Company Fuzztail
Bronze – Oakshire Brewing Ill Tempered Gnome

Belgian Beers
Gold – Breakside Brewery – Dekum Basic Witch
Silver – Ancestry Brewing Belgian Dark Strong
Bronze – Wayfinder Rumination

Red Beers
Gold – Deschutes Brewery Public House Portland Common Have a Pint
Silver – Full Sail Brewing Co. Amber
Bronze – StormBreaker St. Johns ALTerior Motive

Sessionable Hoppy Beers (6 percent ABV or Lower)
Gold – 10 Barrel Brewing Co. West Side Pub IPK
Silver – Migration Brewing A Infinite Riff
Bronze – Sunriver Brewing Company 20 Klicks

Strong Hoppy Beers (7.5 percent ABV and Higher)
Gold – StormBreaker Brewing Triple Double IPA
Silver – Ruse Brewing Interpreter
Bronze – Breakside Brewery – Slabtown India Golden Ale

Dark Hoppy Beers
Gold – Migration Brewing B Cannonball
Silver – Ruse Brewing Dark Between The Stars
Bronze – Immersion Brewing Ring the Alarm

American IPA (6-7.5 percent ABV)
Gold – Sunriver Brewing Company Escape From Escondido
Silver – Worthy Brewing Strata
Bronze – Baerlic Brewing Co. Punk Rock Time

Hazy Hoppy Beers
Gold – Laurelwood Brewing Co. Kids These Daze
Silver – Migration Brewing B Mo-HAZE-ic
Bronze – Old Town Brewing Borneo

Barrel-Aged Beers
Gold – Breakside Brewery and Taproom (aka Breakside Milwaukie) The Oligarch
Silver – Ecliptic Brewing Ecliptic + Tesoaria Blood of Jupiter
Bronze – Pelican Brewing Company (Production) Mother of All Storms

Rare and Historical Beers
Gold – Breakside Brewery – Dekum Phantasmagoria
Silver – Wayfinder Relapse IPA
Bronze – Monkless Belgian Ales Peppercorn Imperial Wit

Flavored Beers
Gold – Salem Ale Works Hootenanny Honey Basil
Silver – 10 Barrel Brewing Co. East Side Pub Passionate Envy
Bronze – Three Mugs Brewing Mo’ Honey Ale

Coffee Beers
Gold – 10 Barrel Brewing Co. East Side Pub C4K
Silver – Bend Brewing Company Coffee N Cream
Bronze – Bend Brewing Company StumpTHUMPin’ Coffee Brown

Experimental Beers
Gold – Alesong Brewing and Blending French 75
Silver – Alesong Brewing and Blending Gose Anejo
Bronze – 10 Barrel Brewing Co. West Side Pub Gindulgence

Pastry or Dessert Beer
Gold – Great Notion Brewing NW Luminous
Silver – Alesong Brewing and Blending Senor Rhino
Bronze – Breakside Brewery and Taproom (aka Breakside Milwaukie) Fourth Wave

American Sour Beers
Gold – 10 Barrel Brewing Co. West Side Pub Allure
Silver – The Ale Apothecary The Beer Formerly Known as La Tache
Bronze – Breakside Brewery and Taproom (aka Breakside Milwaukie) Passionfruit Sour

Brett and Mixed-Culture Beers
Gold – Logsdon Farmhouse Ales ZuurPruim
Silver – Logsdon Farmhouse Ales Spontane Wilde
Bronze – Oregon City Brewing Co Coming to Fruition – Cherry

Wood and Barrel-Aged Sour and Brett Beers
Gold – Upright Brewing Saison Ellende
Silver – 10 Barrel Brewing Co. West Side Pub Ginoculation
Bronze – Stickmen Brewing Company- Lake Oswego Pub I Heart Wood 2019

Other Fresh Hop Beers
Gold – West Coast Grocery Co Willamette’s With love
Silver – StormBreaker Steambreaker
Bronze – Level Beer Fresh Hopped Let’s Play

Fresh Hop Pale Ale and IPA
Gold – Sasquatch Brewing Company Hey, I Just Met You, and This is Hazy
Silver – pFriem Family Brewers Fresh Hop Centennial IPA
Bronze – Breakside Brewery and Taproom What Fresh Beast

Ex Novo Brewing

Festival of the Dark Arts

Belmont Station

Gigantic Brewing

Wayfinder Beer

Terrifico Horror Pils (Wayfinder, Heater Allen, Modern Times)

Ruse Brewing

Breakside Brewery

Block 15 Brewing

Ruse Brewing

Jim Parker

OBA Winners 2020


GOLD: pFriem Family Brewers, Pilsner

SILVER: Breakside Brewery, Jaromir Lager

BRONZE: Worthy Brewing, Sol Power

Golden, Blonde and Other Light Ales

GOLD: Immersion Brewing, Packin’ The Arena

SILVER: Allegory Brewing, Grassa Bionda

BRONZE: Baerlic Brewing, Dad Beer


GOLD: 10 Barrel Brewing, Re-Vive

SILVER: StormBreaker Brewing, Opacus Stout

BRONZE:: Side A Brewing, Sammyvile Stout

Light German and European Lagers

GOLD: Von Ebert Brewing, Vienna Lager

SILVER: Breakside Brewery, Vienna Lager

BRONZE: The Labrewatory, Fraunhofer Lager

Dark German and European Lagers

GOLD: Hop Valley Brewing, Baltic Porter

SILVER: Falling Sky Brewing, DoorStop Bock

BRONZE: Wayfinder Beer, Time Spiral

Dark German and Classic U.K. Styles

GOLD: 10 Barrel Brewing, Redeux

SILVER: Hop Valley Brewing, Mild at Heart

BRONZE: Ecliptic Brewing, Capella Porter

Classic North American Styles

GOLD: Mt. Tabor Brewing, Checkered Flannel Brown Ale

SILVER: 10 Barrel Brewing, Precedential Twheat

BRONZE: Level Beer, Revvin’ Up to Neutral

Belgian Beers, German Wheat Beers and Traditional Brett Beers

GOLD: Upright Brewing, Saison Vert

SILVER: Zoiglhaus Brewing, Zoigl-Weiss

BRONZE: Ferment Brewing, Ferment Bière de Garde

Red Beers

GOLD: StormBreaker Brewing, ALTerior Motive

SILVER: Falling Sky Brewing, Daywalker Irish Red Ale

BRONZE: Mt. Hood Brewing, Cloudcap Amber Ale

American Pale Ales and Other Sessionable Hoppy Beers

GOLD: Breakside Brewery, Cuddle Puddle

SILVER: Sunriver Brewing, Rippin

BRONZE: StormBreaker Brewing, Safety Meeting

Hazy or Juicy Pale Ales

GOLD: Breakside Brewery, Biotransformers

SILVER: Worthy Brewing, Saturn Gold Rippin

BRONZE: StormBreaker Brewing, Hazy…So Hot Right Now

American IPA

GOLD: Fort George Brewery, Fanzine IPA

SILVER: Breakside Brewery, Breakside IPA

BRONZE: Sunriver Brewing, Alluvial IPA

Hazy or Juicy IPA

GOLD: Culmination Brewing, Drone Logic

SILVER: Oakshire Brewing, This Is What Space Smells Like

BRONZE: Little Beast Brewing, Fogmatic

Imperial IPA

GOLD: Block 15 Brewing, Sticky Hands

SILVER: pFriem Family Brewers, Triple IPA

BRONZE: Von Ebert Brewing, Never Tell

Hazy Imperial IPA

GOLD: Ruse Brewing, Interpreter

SILVER: Widmer Brothers Brewing, Green Skies IPA

BRONZE: Culmination Brewing, Obscured by Clouds

Dark Hoppy Beers

GOLD: Sunriver Brewing, Cinder Beast

SILVER: Widmer Brothers Brewing, Baerlic Brewing, Dark Thoughts Black IPA

BRONZE: Immersion Brewing, Ring the Alarm

Rare Historical and Other Traditional Beers

GOLD: Zoiglhaus Brewing, Lichtenhainer

SILVER: Bend Brewing, Mad Dogs of Glory

BRONZE: Little Beast Brewing, Fólkvangr

Barrel-Aged Beers

GOLD: Deschutes Brewery, Home at Port

SILVER: 10 Barrel Brewing, Vino de Grano

BRONZE: Baerlic Brewing, Gin Barrel Punk Rock Time

Barrel-Aged Stouts

GOLD: Ordnance Brewing, Blackfiskey

SILVER: Baerlic Brewing, Wood Worker Night Howler Coconut Ginger Vanilla

BRONZE: Oregon City Brewing, Barrel of the Beast

Flavored Beers

GOLD: Breakside Brewery, White Tea Lager

SILVER: McKenzie Brewing, Filbert Brown

BRONZE: Sunriver Brewing, Cocoa Cow

Fruit Beers

GOLD:: Breakside Brewery, Sun Ripened

SILVER: Hop Valley Brewing, Trippy Henderson

BRONZE: Boneyard Beer, Incredible Pulp

Coffee and Smoke Beers

GOLD: Von Ebert Brewing, Rauch Helles

SILVER: 10 Barrel Brewing, Grain Station

BRONZE: Grain Station Brew Works, Tenango Coffee Stout

Experimental Beers

GOLD: Alesong Brewing and Blending, Terroir Cabernet Sauvignon

SILVER: 10 Barrel Brewing, Gindulgence

BRONZE: Breakside Brewery, Beachcomber

Pastry or Dessert Beers

GOLD: Culmination Brewing, Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
(a stout after midnight)

SILVER: Sunriver Brewing, Haole at the Moon

BRONZE: Great Notion Brewing , Double Stack

Emerging IPA or Experimental Hoppy Beer

GOLD: pFriem Family Brewers, Citrus Zest IPA

SILVER: Breakside Brewery, Star Sprinkles

BRONZE: Deschutes Brewery, Cloudy & Rowdy

American Sour Beers

GOLD: The Ale Apothecary, The Beer Formerly Known as La Tache

SILVER: Great Notion Brewing, Fruit Monster

BRONZE: Silver Moon Brewing, Bangarang

Mixed-Culture Beers

GOLD: pFriem Family Brewers, Flanders Blonde

SILVER: Crux Fermentation Project, In the Pocket

BRONZE: Breakside Brewery, The Body Electric

Fruited Mixed-Culture Beers

GOLD: Block 15 Brewing, Framboise White

SILVER: 10 Barrel Brewing, Old Stoner

BRONZE: Logsdon Farmhouse, Deep River Blues

Fresh Hop Pale Ales and IPAs

GOLD: Von Ebert Brewing, Fresh Hop Volatile Substance

SILVER: Rock Bottom Brewery, Space Potato

BRONZE: Breakside Brewery, What Fresh Beast

Other Fresh Hop Beers

GOLD: Zoiglhaus Brewing, Oktoberfresh

SILVER: Breakside Brewery, Fresh Hop Sterling Pilsner

BRONZE: Falling Sky Brewing, Nuggets of Wisdom Fresh Hop English Pale Ale


Belmont Station


The Bier Stein


Wayfinder Beer


Festival of the Dark Arts


Boss Rambler Beer Club


Ex Novo Brewing Nevermore


Kurt and Rob Widmer


Coast Fort George Brewery

Metro Upright Brewing

Central Sunriver Brewing

Northeast pFriem Family Brewers

Southern Caldera Brewing

Alumni Block 15 Brewing


Immersion Brewing


Culmination Brewing


Breakside Brewery

OBA Winners 2021

OBA Judged Competition Winners Pilsner

GOLD pFriem Family Brewers Pilsner

SILVER Ex Novo Brewing Co. Perle Haggard

BRONZE Breakside Brewery Noble Pilsner

Golden, Blonde, and other Light Ales

GOLD Breakside Brewery Breakside True Gold

SILVER Pelican Brewing Kiwanda Cream Ale

BRONZE Immersion Brewing Packin’ The Arena

Pale Lagers

GOLD 10 Barrel Brewing Co. Money Cat

SILVER Breakside Brewery Breakside SoCal Pils

BRONZE Ecliptic Brewing Ecliptic + Wayfinder Cold IPA

Light German and European Lagers

GOLD Zoiglhaus Brewing Company Zoigl-Hell

SILVER pFriem Family Brewers Vienna Lager

BRONZE Wayfinder Luna Muerta

Dark German and European Lagers

GOLD 10 Barrel Brewing Co. Captivator

SILVER Wayfinder Funeral Bock

BRONZE Threshold Brewing & Blending Neptune

Classic UK Styles

GOLD Ecliptic Brewing Magnetar Scotch Ale

SILVER Fort George Brewery Smiling Eyes

BRONZE Breakside Brewery Breakside ESB

Classic North American Styles

GOLD Hop Valley Brewing Hefeweizen

SILVER Cascade Lakes Brewing Company 20 Inch Brown

BRONZE 10 Barrel Brewing Co. Twheat

Belgian Beers, German Wheat Beers, and Traditional Brett Beers

GOLD Alesong Brewing and Blending Pacific Bliss

SILVER Deschutes Brewery Blue Butterfly

BRONZE Von Ebert Brewing Channel Capacity

Red Beers

GOLD Breakside Brewery Breakside Disco Queen Lager

SILVER StormBreaker Brewing ALTerior Motive

BRONZE Sasquatch Brewing Co. Journey To Red Planet

American Pale Ales

GOLD Breakside Brewery Breakside Woodlawn Pale Ale

SILVER Oregon City Brewing Co Temporary Stairs

BRONZE Migration Brewing Company MoHaze-Ic

American IPA

GOLD Von Ebert Brewing Volatile Substance

SILVER Sunriver Brewing Company Howdy!

BRONZE Sunriver Brewing Company Clearview

Hazy or Juicy IPA

GOLD Ruse Brewing Star Senders

SILVER Ruse Brewing Similar Science

BRONZE Sunriver Brewing Company Life Above

Imperial IPA

GOLD 10 Barrel Brewing Co. All Ways Down

SILVER Oakshire Brewing A Life Beyond the Dream

BRONZE StormBreaker Brewing Buffalo Smile

Dark Hoppy Beers

GOLD Ecliptic Brewing Oort Imperial Stout

SILVER Sunriver Brewing Company Cinder Beast

BRONZE Baerlic Brewing Co. Night Howler

Barrel Aged Beers

GOLD pFriem Family Brewers Cognac Barrel-Aged Belgian-Style Strong Dark

SILVER Alesong Brewing and Blending Rackhouse Reserve

BRONZE Buoy Beer Company Decapitator

Barrel Aged Stouts

GOLD Ecliptic Brewing Barrel-Aged Oort Imperial Stout

SILVER Deschutes Brewery Black Butte Cubed Amburana

BRONZE Alesong Brewing and Blending Coconut Rhino Suit

Flavored Beers

GOLD pFriem Family Brewers pFriem + Alesong

SILVER Barsideous Brewing Chocolate Casanovia

BRONZE Xicha Brewing Co. 505 Pale

Fruit Beers

GOLD Breakside Brewery Breakside Desert Bloom

SILVER 10 Barrel Brewing Co. Passionate Envy

BRONZE Public Coast Brewing Company Coconut Brown Ale

Coffee & Smoke Beers

GOLD Wayfinder Linear Ashes

SILVER Away Days Brewing Dope Day

BRONZE Mt. Hood Brewing Co.

Experimental Beers

GOLD Alesong Brewing and Blending Gose Anejo

SILVER Fort George Brewery Pipiopi

BRONZE Upright Brewing Special Herbs

Rare, Historical, and Other Traditional Beers

GOLD Zoiglhaus Brewing Company Berliner Weisse-Bock

SILVER 10 Barrel Brewing Co. Baywindow

BRONZE Oregon City Brewing Co Beast of Burton

Pastry or Dessert Beers

GOLD Deschutes Brewery Peach Cobbler

SILVER Great Notion Peanut Brother

BRONZE Alesong Brewing and Blending Senor Rhino

Emerging IPA or Experimental Hoppy Beer

GOLD 10 Barrel Brewing Co. Equatorial

SILVER Wayfinder Chronokinetic IPA

BRONZE StormBreaker Brewing Liquid Hot Enigma

American Sour Beer

GOLD Cascade Brewing Winter Sage

SILVER Gratitude Brewing Daddy Said I Could Have Unicorns

BRONZE Breakside Brewery Passionfruit Sour

Mixed Culture Beer

GOLD Ex Novo Brewing Co. Dripping Sun

SILVER Wolves & People Farmhouse Brewery Friends in Far Places

BRONZE Little Beast Brewing Empire of Oak - Ekuanot

Fruited Mixed Culture Beer

GOLD Von Ebert Brewing Alma

SILVER Von Ebert Brewing Rain Shadows

BRONZE Breakside Brewery Breakside What Peaches And What Penumbras!

Fresh Hop Pale Ales and India Pale Ales

GOLD Breakside Brewery Fresh Hop Cascade Wanderlust

SILVER Breakside Brewery Fresh IGA

BRONZE Three Creeks Brewing Co. Conelick’r Fresh Hop IPA

Fresh Hop Hazy Pale Ales and India Pale Ales

GOLD Ruse Brewing About That Time

SILVER Breakside Brewery & Beer Hall What Fresh Beast

BRONZE Sasquatch Brewing Co.Fresh Hop Mouth Pillow

Other Fresh Hop Beers

GOLD Breakside Brewery + Taproom Fresh Hop Sterling Pils

SILVER Zoiglhaus Brewing Company Fresh Hop Zoigl-Kölsch

BRONZE Baerlic Brewing Co Fresh Hop Pioneer

Large Brewery of the Year

Breakside Brewery

Medium Size Brewery of the Year

Von Ebert Brewing

Small Brewery of the Year

Alesong Brewing and Blending

Non-Beer Categories

Hall of Fame

Lisa Morrison

Best Bottle Shop

Belmont Station

Best Beer Bar Bar or Taproom

The Beermongers

Best Patio or Beer Garden

TopWire Hop Project

Best Pandemic Pivot

(Tie) Imperial Bottle Shop & Taproom and Road Beers

Best New Brewery

ForeLand Beer

Best Beer Labels

Wayfinder Beer

Excellence in Brewing Operations Regional Awards

  • CENTRAL Sunriver Brewing
  • COAST Fort George Brewery
  • METRO Breakside Brewery
  • NORTHEAST pFriem Family Brewers
  • SOUTHERN Caldera Brewing
  • VALLEY Block 15 Brewing