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A Decade Later, The First Beer Oakshire Ever Made Remains a Classic

To get a better feel for what Oakshire’s up to, keep your eyes peeled for the Florgia Borgia, an orange chocolate milk stout that’s thick and creamy


207 Madison St., Eugene, 541-654-5520, oakbrew.com. 11 am-10 pm daily.

For over a decade, brothers Jeff and Chris Althouse have made Oakshire a fixture of Eugene. Oakshire's flagship brew is the first beer they ever made, a crowd-pleasing amber ale that makes a perfect six-pack for parties. Jeff Althouse takes pride in that amber's versatility. "It's a little bit roasty, it's a little bit biscuity, there's a little bit of citrus flavor from the hops. But it's super approachable and works for everybody," he says. "Different flavors come out with different food pairings." But if the brewery's six-pack beers are all you've had, you're missing out. In addition to the draft-only pilot program Oakshire also has an extensive library of aged beers that are released every Tuesday. To get a better feel for what Oakshine's up to, keep your eyes peeled for the Florgia Borgia, an orange chocolate milk stout that's thick and creamy. Oakshire is also piloting a few berliner weisses that incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables. Currently they have a cranberry version that's lightly tart and very drinkable. Oakshire's public house has high ceilings and lovely wooden tables. There's a rotating set of food carts that set up outside to provide food to the community-oriented pub, plus live music once or twice a week.

Nearby: The Buck Buck cart outside was voted the best food cart in Eugene for a reason. Try the chicken and waffles. You won't regret it.