4785 Booth Hill Road, Hood River, 503-679-8063, farmhousebeer.com. By appointment only.

Logsdon started in a big, red barn in the rural outskirts of Hood River in 2011, then quickly churned out some of the finest mixed fermentation ales in the history of the Northwest. The brewery has quietly returned to its roots of late, shutting its barrel house in downtown Hood River in April 2017 after plans to renovate it fell by the wayside. Though founder Dave Logsdon and acclaimed brewers like Charles Porter (Little Beast) have also moved on to other projects, present brewer Shilpi Halemane and the team have been steadily creating new and interesting pours, with heavily Belgian-influenced ales that expand upon their brewery's well-known yearly offerings, contemporary classics like the funky Seizoen Bretta and the peach-infused Peche 'n Brett. Though they've been uneven in the last few years, Logsdon is lately showing some spark and we recommend tasting any new labels you stumble across.

Nearby: If you're in the area, take a trip to Parkdale and hunt for a bottle of the acclaimed sour ale at Solera Brewery (4945 Baseline Road, Parkdale, 541-352-5500, solerabrewery.com), where locals sip big pints of macro lager alongside trail-weary hikers inside a gorgeous wooded pub.