2326 N Flint Ave., 503-894-8251, exnovobrew.com. 3-10 pm Monday-Wednesday, 3-11 pm Thursday, 3-12 am Friday, 11 am-12 am Saturday, 11 am-10 pm Sunday.

Portland's first nonprofit brewery is doing better than ever—even if they are no longer a nonprofit. Ex Novo opened in 2014, about the same time as Portland became home to the world's first nonprofit pub, Oregon Public House. The wood-heavy brewery across from a park in North Portland has quietly transitioned their nonprofit status to a more traditional LLC, but that doesn't mean they are out of the business of giving back to the community. The majority of their profits are still going to charity, which makes you enjoy their now-impressive lineup all the more. Their core lineup includes the treasured tropical dry-hopped Eliot IPA and Ex Novo's version of a Mexican lager, The Most Interesting Lager in the World. But what they've really excelled in is their ever-changing variety of seasonal and one-off beers. Balanced, tart goses, roasty black lagers and hazy IPAs rotate on and off the draft list. One must-try is current vintage of Nevermore, a shockingly smooth barleywine that was fermented with house-smoked figs and cocoa beans and spent a year in barrels that housed Jack Daniels pinot noir.

Nearby: Just a 10-minute walk from Ex Novo, Reverend Nat's (1813 NE 2nd Ave, 503-567-2221, reverendnatshardcider.com) is probably the most battily inventive cider spot in the country, from a Spanish-esque Sidra de Bravo made by re-fermenting spent apple skins to an apple sour made with de Garde and a crazily good fermented-pineapple tepache. And yet, the fundamentals are sound: Their flagship Revival cider, on taps all over town, tastes intensely of real apples.