955 N Russell St., 503-281-2437, widmerbrothers.com.
11 am-10 pm Sunday-Thursday, 11 am-11 pm Friday-Saturday.

In a world where success is so often dependent on quenching the insatiable need for the new and novel, this large old-school brewery is staying relevant by thinking outside the proverbial six-pack. Last year, these pioneers decided to shutter their full-service restaurant and replace it with a more intimate taproom to showcase the beers coming out of their new 10-barrel innovation program. The new pub boasts 24 taps with more than half dedicated to their small-batch brews and a sparse menu of bar snacks. Of course, they are still cranking out Drop Top Amber and their iconic Hefeweizen, but their new experimental hopped lagers, aromatic hazy IPAs and barrel-aged creations are stealing the spotlight. Understandably, a few questionable beers make their way out of the pilot brewery (looking at you, Hefe X), but hey, that's why they are called "experimental." If nothing else, they're great conversation starters.

Nearby: In the summer months, keep your eye out for a pop-up beer garden in the gravel plot across from the brewery. This spot was supposed to be a beer garden when the brewery started 33 years ago, but the Brothers just now made good on their plans, throwing down a smattering of picnic tables and a four-tap beer cart along with cornhole, giant Jenga and speakers blaring Journey and Foreigner.