A New Brewery Hopes to Get Your Attention With Great Sex

An OLCC application places the brewery in Portland's Brooklyn neighborhood off the MAX Orange Line.

Sure, sex sells. But will it move kegs? Owners of Great Sex Brewing certainly hope so.

An application filed with the OLCC places the brewery in Portland's Brooklyn neighborhood, stumbling distance from the MAX Orange Line at 4629 SE 17th Ave.

While it may sound like branding created by 13-year-old boys,  two brothers established Great Sex nearly 20 years ago in Redding, Calif. According to the website that naturally peddles red lip-emblazoned T-shirts and stickers, the siblings found a team here willing to not only keep the theme alive but double down on it—they're exploring the option of selling bottles in a "foreplay pack." There's even an Adam & Eve Ale.

Calls to the license applicant for more details about the planned space—and to answer questions about that name—have not yet been returned.

In terms of sex-related brewery names, it could be worse. At least Portland isn't home to Donkey Punch Brewing, because that's a phrase you want to shout out when you order at a bar (the Redlands, Calif.-based company was eventually rechristened as Wild Donkey). Or Kinky Kabin Brewing (Bangor, Wis.), which sounds like the place doubles as a swingers club for people who definitely smell like oatmeal.

Hillsboro does have BDSM Brewing with the cringeworthy tagline, "The beating your mouth deserves," and a website featuring a prominently displayed photo of the head brewer clad in leather and wielding a mash paddle. But at least the effort is commendable.

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