Here’s the Complete List of Winners from the Oregon Beer Awards

In the state’s only double-blind tasting competition, 75 medals were awarded in 25 beer style categories.

(Thomas Teal)

The Oregon Beer Awards took place last night in front of a sold-out crowd at Revolution Hall.

In the state's only double-blind tasting competition, 75 medals were awarded in 25 beer-style categories. Winners were chosen by 85 judges from an entry pool of 1,090 beers submitted by 133 breweries representing 44 cities. Additionally, an academy of more than 200 industry professionals picked the area's top breweries and festivals in a two-round ballot system.

One of the evening's highlights came when Jim Parker was inducted into the Oregon Beer Awards Hall of Fame. The beloved publican died earlier this month after suffering a stroke in November. He joins an impressive list of legends in the industry, including Fred Eckhardt, the Dean of American Beer Writers; Don Younger, Horse Brass owner; and John Harris, Ecliptic brewmaster and originator of beers like Black Butte Porter and Mirror Pond Pale Ale. Harris presented the award and a tribute video brought tears to his many friends in the crowd.

The following is a complete list of the winners:


GOLD: 10 Barrel Brewing Co. East Side Pub Smooth Talker

SILVER: Sunriver Brewing Company Czech Meowt

BRONZE: 10 Barrel Brewing Portland Whitburger

Golden, Blonde and Other Light Ales

GOLD: Bend Brewing Company Alpha Blonde

SILVER: Breakside Brewery – Slabtown True Gold

BRONZE: Wild Ride Brewing Big Booty Golden Ale


GOLD: Barley Brown's Brew Pub Havoc

SILVER: Wolf Tree Brewery Ship Biscuits

BRONZE: Bend Brewing Company Trade War Export Stout

Light German and Bohemian Beers (6 percent ABV and lower)

GOLD: 10 Barrel Brewing Co. West Side Pub Baywindow

SILVER: Zoiglhaus Brewing Company Zoigl-Schwarz

BRONZE: Breakside Brewery – Dekum Lucky as Helles

German Strong Lagers, Wheat/Rye Beers and Smoke Beers

GOLD: Heater Allen Brewing Export Lager

SILVER: Culmination Brewing Company On The Keller

BRONZE: Buoy Beer Company The Decapitator

Classic UK Styles

GOLD: Crux Fermentation Project Gramps Ale

SILVER: Level Beer Biscuits to a Bear

BRONZE: 10 Barrel Brewing Co. East Side Pub RedeuX

Classic North American Styles

GOLD: Ecliptic Brewing Capella Porter

SILVER: Sunriver Brewing Company Fuzztail

BRONZE: Oakshire Brewing Ill Tempered Gnome

Belgian Beers

GOLD: Breakside Brewery – Dekum Basic Witch

SILVER: Ancestry Brewing Belgian Dark Strong

BRONZE: Wayfinder Rumination

Red Beers

GOLD: Deschutes Brewery Public House Portland Common Have a Pint

SILVER: Full Sail Brewing Co. Amber

BRONZE: StormBreaker St. Johns ALTerior Motive

Sessionable Hoppy Beers (6 percent ABV or Lower)

GOLD: 10 Barrel Brewing Co. West Side Pub IPK

SILVER: Migration Brewing A Infinite Riff

BRONZE: Sunriver Brewing Company 20 Klicks

Strong Hoppy Beers (7.5 percent ABV and Higher)

GOLD: StormBreaker Brewing Triple Double IPA

SILVER: Ruse Brewing Interpreter

BRONZE: Breakside Brewery – Slabtown India Golden Ale

Dark Hoppy Beers

GOLD: Migration Brewing B Cannonball

SILVER: Ruse Brewing Dark Between The Stars

BRONZE: Immersion Brewing Ring the Alarm

American IPA (6-7.5 percent ABV)

GOLD: Sunriver Brewing Company Escape From Escondido

SILVER: Worthy Brewing Strata

BRONZE: Baerlic Brewing Co. Punk Rock Time

Hazy Hoppy Beers

GOLD: Laurelwood Brewing Co. Kids These Daze

SILVER: Migration Brewing B Mo-HAZE-ic

BRONZE: Old Town Brewing Borneo

Barrel-Aged Beers

GOLD: Breakside Brewery and Taproom (aka Breakside Milwaukie) The Oligarch

SILVER: Ecliptic Brewing Ecliptic + Tesoaria Blood of Jupiter

BRONZE: Pelican Brewing Company (Production) Mother of All Storms

Rare and Historical Beers

GOLD: Breakside Brewery – Dekum Phantasmagoria

SILVER: Wayfinder Relapse IPA

BRONZE: Monkless Belgian Ales Peppercorn Imperial Wit

Flavored Beers

GOLD: Salem Ale Works Hootenanny Honey Basil

SILVER: 10 Barrel Brewing Co. East Side Pub Passionate Envy

BRONZE: Three Mugs Brewing Mo' Honey Ale

Coffee Beers

GOLD: 10 Barrel Brewing Co. East Side Pub C4K

SILVER: Bend Brewing Company Coffee N Cream

BRONZE: Bend Brewing Company StumpTHUMPin' Coffee Brown

Experimental Beers

GOLD: Alesong Brewing and Blending French 75

SILVER: Alesong Brewing and Blending Gose Anejo

BRONZE: 10 Barrel Brewing Co. West Side Pub Gindulgence

Pastry or Dessert Beer

GOLD: Great Notion Brewing NW Luminous

SILVER: Alesong Brewing and Blending Senor Rhino

BRONZE: Breakside Brewery and Taproom (aka Breakside Milwaukie) Fourth Wave

American Sour Beers

GOLD: 10 Barrel Brewing Co. West Side Pub Allure

SILVER: The Ale Apothecary The Beer Formerly Known as La Tache

BRONZE: Breakside Brewery and Taproom (aka Breakside Milwaukie) Passionfruit Sour

Brett and Mixed-Culture Beers

GOLD: Logsdon Farmhouse Ales ZuurPruim

SILVER: Logsdon Farmhouse Ales Spontane Wilde

BRONZE: Oregon City Brewing Co Coming to Fruition: Cherry

Wood and Barrel-Aged Sour and Brett Beers

GOLD: Upright Brewing Saison Ellende

SILVER: 10 Barrel Brewing Co. West Side Pub Ginoculation

BRONZE: Stickmen Brewing Company- Lake Oswego Pub I Heart Wood 2019

Other Fresh Hop Beers

GOLD: West Coast Grocery Co Willamette's With love

SILVER: StormBreaker Steambreaker

BRONZE: Level Beer Fresh Hopped Let's Play

Fresh Hop Pale Ale and IPA

GOLD: Sasquatch Brewing Company Hey, I Just Met You, and This is Hazy

SILVER: pFriem Family Brewers Fresh Hop Centennial IPA

BRONZE: Breakside Brewery and Taproom What Fresh Beast


Ex Novo Brewing


Festival of the Dark Arts


Belmont Station


Gigantic Brewing


Wayfinder Beer


Terrifico Horror Pils (Wayfinder, Heater Allen, Modern Times)


Ruse Brewing


Breakside Brewery


Block 15 Brewing


Ruse Brewing


Jim Parker

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