1. Old Town Brewing

5201 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., 503-200-5988, 226 NW Davis St., 503-222-9999, otbrewing.com.

Old Town has quietly, steadily built a brewing program that meshes nicely with its pizzerias. The beers run the gamut from light to dark—Pillowfist, in particular, is a hazy with bright tropical notes. The brewery has combined forces with Reverend Nat's Hard Cider, maybe the most battily inventive cider spot in the country, so double up by ordering cans from each.

2. Away Days Brewing

1516 SE 10th Ave., 503-206-4735, awaydaysbrewing.com.

The owners of popular British-themed pub Toffee Club took over this space and the brewery within it upon the closing of Scout Beer in early 2019, bringing on ex-Alameda brewer Marshall Kunz to help make English-style ales. All beers leaning toward a more classic malty balance than fruit-bombed modernity—there's even the occasional lager for good measure.

3. Modern Times

600 SE Belmont St., 503-420-0799, moderntimesbeer.com.

There's no better place in Portland to snap a trendy photo of a hazy IPA, sweet stout, or neon-red kettle sour. But if you look past the sea of perfectly dressed beer tourists (and the more obvious styles), you'll find some of the city's finest beers. If available, try the Italian Pilsner, which marries crackery malt with perfumey modern hopping techniques—taming the face-melting flavors of Modern Times' hazy IPAs.

Base Camp Brewing owner Ross Putnam delivers beer via a custom-built cargo bike that hauls a 30-inchwide cooler. (WW Staff)
Base Camp Brewing owner Ross Putnam delivers beer via a custom-built cargo bike that hauls a 30-inchwide cooler. (WW Staff)

4. Base Camp Brewing

930 SE Oak St., 503-477-7479, basecampbrewingco.com.

The outdoor-themed brewery is delivering six packs via cargo bike. Base Camp's standard lagers and ales are light and easy to drink, perfectly suited for a post-hike cool-down—or, y'know, passing the time alone on your porch. Call in for ordering.

(Carleigh Oeth)
(Carleigh Oeth)

5. Level Beer

5211 NE 148th Ave., 503-714-1222, 7840 SW Capitol Highway, levelbeer.com.

Level's founders have children, which pushed them to produce beers with an alcohol content that won't leave your head spinning, like the crisp, 4.5-percent ABV Grisetta Stone, whose flavors bob between citrus and black pepper. Two IPAs—the West Coast-style Game On! and the hazy Stable Genius—continue to be the brewery's top performers, both in execution and popularity.