1. Wayfinder’s CZAF

Brewer Kevin Davey employs the magic of decoction to make a beer with exceptional malt character and a crisp, slightly bitter snap, emulating the character of classic Czech lagers. A 16-ounce can is perilously easy to finish.

2. pFriem Pilsner

Even easier to knock back is pFriem's excellent Pilsner—12 ounces of delightfully easy drinking, a finely balanced little song of crispness and light character.

3. Block 15’s Fresca Pils

Billed as an Italian-style Pilsner, it's brewed with Italian malts—yes, they're a thing—and Styrian hops, grown in Slovenia and Austria. The Corvallis-based brewery has come up with a fine summer drinker that's slightly grassy, a bit citrusy, and redolent with something akin to hop perfume.

4. Von Ebert’s Rauch Helles

A fascinating change of pace for the brewery, the Rauch Helles is dominated by pleasingly light malt flavors with a gentle hint of smoke in the finish, which might get overwhelmed by more intensely flavored barbecues. Enjoy on its own, or with some good cold cuts.

5. Cascade’s Gose Roselle

For those who enjoy refreshing tartness, Cascade's Gose Roselle is a fruity 12-ounce quencher. The Honey Ginger Lime also makes for a fine after-dinner dessert beer, striking just the right balance of sour and sweet.