1. Baerlic Brewing’s Dad Beer

This one does what it says on the tin: "Easy Drinkin' Beer." It's a rewardingly light and malty 16 ounces of American lager, but fresher and with more body than any of the big-brewer macro-beers you'll find at the store.

2. Wayfinder Beer Number 6 Lager Beer

Wayfinder goes a similar route with Number 6—it's so easy-drinking it's hard to resist draining a 12-ounce can in one go, yet also so clean and crisp that sipping is never a bad idea.

3. Ruse Brewing’s Exit Dream

If Dad likes ordering a Modelo Negra at the Mexican taqueria, Ruse's Exit Dream is ideal. It's a deliciously fresh pale-brown lager that's a perfect accompaniment for a Sunday carne asada grill session.

4. Heater Allen’s Zwickelbier

Heater Allen's canned lagers have been consistently good, and dad-pleasers like its Helles and Das Bier Kölsch are always good choices. But that Zwickelbier might just be proof that your favorite deity loves Dad and wants him to be happy. It's a pale tan lager that drinks lightly but packs a fine balance of malt and hops, just as a good Bamberg-style unfiltered beer should.

5. Occidental Brewing’s Speisekammer Kellerbier

Occidental has been steadfastly pushing its range forward, but for something just a little different, Occidental's Speisekammer Kellerbier offers malty goodness with slightly hazy, deep-golden eye appeal. The brewery's Helles and Kölsch are also dad-pleasing winners.