Some Portland breweries are sending an important message with your next serving of beer: vote.

Today, Old Town Brewing and Gigantic Brewing released a collaborative beer named "I Voted IPA," which isn't just a patriotically colored can. On the back you'll find a "Civic Duty Companion," which includes a list of crucial deadlines, like the recommended date to have submitted your ballot, the cutoff date for updating your voter registration, and Election Day itself.

The package also lists websites to organizations and agencies so people can take action or donate money, as well as a QR code that links to the Oregon secretary of state website with voter information.

"We are really excited about the messaging, especially after last night's debate," Old Town owner Adam Milne tells WW. "This country needs to change quickly."

Joining that effort to encourage voter participation is Away Days Brewing. The Southeast Portland brewery has partnered with local creative consultancy Industry to launch the People's Pint, a golden mild ale that the owners are using as an incentive to get people to mail in those ballots.

Through Oct. 13, you can get a pint of the new beer for a buck along with a branded glass and stickers if you prove that you have registered to vote. Then when it comes time to cast a ballot, the brewery is offering $5 four-packs to anyone who can show that they have, indeed, fulfilled their civic duty.

All money raised from the pint and four-pack sales will be donated to Rock the Vote, the nonprofit that works to engage young people in the political process.