Getting beer dropped at your doorstep became common last spring following Oregon's stay-at-home order. But Great Notion now offers direct-to-customer shipping through the United Parcel Service in Oregon.

The service launched this month, though the brewery—known for its bold pastry stouts and juicy, citrus-soaked IPAs—actually began delivery and pickup service earlier this year though a mobile app. But using UPS will allow Great Notion to roll out service in eight other states with less-stringent liquor laws starting January.

The direct-to-consumer shipping experience was carefully thought out, all the way down to the packaging those precious cans would come in.

"We wanted to have the Tiffany blue box, Voodoo Doughnuts pink box, iPad white box of the beer world," CEO Paul Reiter said in a press release. "An unbelievably sick unboxing experience that people would love the box as much as the beer."