Zupan’s Has Launched a Series of Beer Courses

Each class includes six samples as well as drinking snacks.

A local grocer wants to help you become better acquainted with beer.

Zupan’s has launched a series of courses examining the fundamentals of the beverage, as well as different styles, that will be held monthly.

The classes, which take place at the company’s subterranean events space at the West Burnside Street location called Cellar Z, are open to beer drinkers of all levels of expertise—and, yes, that even includes folks who don’t know the difference between a lager and an ale. Attendees will not only get to learn about the history of beer and various styles’ ingredients and processes; students also get the opportunity to educate their palates with numerous samples.

The next event, on March 19, focuses on lagers—everything from the classic, light American take to the strong, dark German doppelbock.

Each class is $40 and includes six tastings plus snacks, like cheese and charcuterie, and the series runs through July. You’ll find the full schedule below:

March 19—Lagers

Take a deep dive into the world of lagers. From light American lagers to dark doppelbocks.

April 23—Ales

The world of ales is vast. Explore hoppy, malty and dark ales.

May 21—Beers of Germany

Explore one of the most celebrated beer regions, where beer is so important it has its own set of laws: the Reinheitsgebot.

June 25—Beers of Belgium

Belgium takes its beer as seriously as the French take their wine. Taste the unique yeast-driven styles of Belgium, which are unlike any other region’s.

July 23—Wild Ales vs. Kettle Sours

From sweet and fruity to mouth-puckeringly tart and funky. Taste the difference between these two main styles of sour beers.

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