Have you ever kinda-sorta wanted to drink a canned beer that matches your dopest vintage fleece pullover? I have, too. But until Hopworks teamed up with Patagonia, this simple dream went unfulfilled. Well, now we have Long Root Ale®, a mildly hoppy pale ale made with Kernza®.

Kernza® is like wheat, but has long roots that naturally aerate the soil, sequestering carbon and restoring the natural balance of microflora. Kernza® also uses less water, requires no pesticides or fertilizers and is a perennial. In other words, it's good stuff. And it tastes good, too — giving this straw-colored ale a mildly wild, rye-like flavor. The only thing that needs a little tweaking is the over-the-top branding on this can, which was originally available at Whole Foods, but we found it discounted at John's Marketplace.

"Beer holds a critical role in society and history," Patagonia's Birgit Cameron says of Long Root Ale® with Kernza®. "It is the center of many tables, uniting us with its common language." Guys, chill—you're harshing the vibe on my fleece.