When Upright's Alex Ganum agreed to make a collaboration beer for Bailey's Taproom's 10th anniversary, beer buyer Bill Murnighan knew what had to happen: Ganum had to meet Chad Stock of experimental winery Minimus. "They're pretty much the wine version of Upright," Murnighan told us.
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Ganum visited, and was “blown away” by the wines. Stock introduced him to both acacia-wood barrels, which impart a sort of fruity note to beer, and a very rare savagnin rose grape that Ganum thought would mix beautifully with a one-off rose-petal beer.

>And so he fermented 100 pounds of grape with orchard yeast, blended with a mix of saison and rose beer, and aged it in acacia for about six months. It's the white wine of fruit beers—lightly bitter-sour, beautifully aromatic with hints of flower petal and stone fruit, and downright elegant. And even at $15 a bottle, there's already almost none of it left. Get some.