Portland Bar Named the Number 3 Tiki Bar in the World

Get fired up!

Tiki bar blog Critiki has named Portland's Hale Pele as the third best tiki bar in the entire worldfor the second year in a row.

It's not the first time the four-year-old Northeast Broadway bar has received national attention. It's frequently has a spot on lists of Portland's best bars, and the nation's best tiki bars.

But you know what? The world is a very big place. The two bars ahead of it were Mai-Kai in Fort Lauderdale, Florida—which has fire dancers—and Beachbum Berry's Latitude 29 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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At Hale Pele, you can get at least three drinks that come with a six-foot flame. There's the soundtrack of rain and thunder and a fog machine that goes off on the hour. All the servers wear Hawaiian shirts and flower leis, and it's all awesome. (I may or may not have reserved the tiki hut for my birthday tomorrow night.)

Here's what Critiki wrote:

And here's the full list:

1. Mai-Kai, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

2. Beachbum Berry's Latitude 29, New Orleans, Louisiana

3: Hale Pele, Portland, Oregon

4. Foundation, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

5. Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge, Alameda, California

6. Smuggler's Cove, San Francisco, California

7. Tiki-Ti, Los Angeles, California

8. Trader Vic's, Munich, Germany

9. Trader Vic's, Atlanta, Georgia

10. Pagan Idol, San Francisco, California

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