As reported last week, Belmont Station's bar closed for renovations February 4 in order to clean out the cobwebs, slap on a real-deal wooden bar and up its tap count to 34.

At the time, the closure was expect to last up to a month—though the bottle shop will remain open during regular business hours throughout February.

Well, those of you suffering through beer withdrawals and too lazy to walk six blocks to the Horse Brass—you know exactly who you are—have a lot less time to wait. Starting today, February 8, through the end of renovations, Belmont Station is opening a six-tap kegerator pop-up on their heated back patio. It'll be like a little Belmont Station Lower Lip, but with cheesesteaks.

The back patio pop-up will be open 11:30 am-9 pm until "further notice."