Police Have No Leads on the Scumbags Who Tore Apart 20 BikeTown Stations. But We Know Where They Attacked.

Here's one way you can help.

It's been two days since organized anti-transportation vandals trashed at least 20 BikeTown bike-share stations across Portland's east side.

Portland Police Bureau spokesman Sgt. Pete Simpson says he's not aware of any leads on suspects, who identified themselves as "Rose City Saboteurs" with a letter-pressed logo on at least two of the stations.

They also wrote messages condemning Nike, such as "Nike Hates the Poor," and "Our City Is Not a Corporate Amusement Park."

According to the Portland Bureau of Transportation, more than 200 bikes were vandalized before dawn on Tuesday, which is more than a fifth of the entire fleet. Tires were slashed, LED screens were spray painted, spokes were cut and seats were sliced, according to Bike Portland.

PBOT says they don't have a comprehensive list of the stations hit, but say that Southeast was hit the hardest, with most of the bikes and stations between Ladd's Addition and Cesar Chavez Boulevard being damaged.

Here are 12 stations where readers reported vandalism to Bike Portland, as of Tuesday afternoon.

Yesterday, PBOT said they had gotten a dozen or so bikes back out on the street.

"It'll take time to get repairs done and clean up this many bikes," says PBOT spokesperson Dylan Riviera. "We've have had some support from several local bike mechanics and bike shops have been generous with their offers of support, equipment and labor as well."

He says local bike companies Chris King Components, Sellwood Bikes and Sugar Wheel Works have all helped work through the backlog of repairs.

If you want to help, PBOT says one useful thing riders can do is make a BikeTown trip from the west side to the east side to help replenish vacant stations that had bikes damaged or removed.