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This Saturday, Riders Will Bike 500 Laps Around Ladd's Circle

It's spring—let's do something stupid!

The Ladd's 500 bike relay is returning to Ladd's Addition on Saturday for its second year.

In the tradition of Zoobomb, Pedalpalooza, and the weekly Thursday Night Rides, the Ladd's 500 relay will have cyclists of all kinds riding 500 laps around Ladd's Circle, while teammates and other participants party and picnic in the center.

Organizers estimate the 500 laps adds up to approximately 100 miles and require teams to switch riders at least 10 times. Solo riders must switch bikes at least 10 times as well. Per the "Belligerantes Rule," cheating is allowed as long as it's funny.

The circle will not be closed off and riders must refrain from obstructing the flow of traffic or harassing pedestrians—but we recommend you avoid the area if you're driving, anyway.

Fueled by the slogan, "let's do something stupid," the Ladd's 500 started last year as a silly way to bring bike lovers together. The inaugural Ladd's 500 featured fixed gears, unicycles, tandems, tall bikes, zoo-bomb mini bikes, keg bikes and everything in between.

The event's creator, David Barstow Robinson is a resident of the Hosford-Abernethy neighborhood and says members of the community were very accommodating of last year's ride. But, as with mostly everything, the ride has received it's share of online haters complaining about traffic obstruction.

"Anybody who is going to have a problem with the even, we'll try to address any concerns they have. As far as idiots online, they're just idiots online. Fuck 'em," says Barstow Robinson.

The event is all ages and family friendly. Coincidentally, there is a children's Easter egg hunt hosted by Abernethy Elementary scheduled on the day of the relay and happening in the same park at 11 am.

Riders will begin lapping the roundabout at 10 am and possibly assist in hiding some Easter eggs?

Organizers encourage participants to read the rules before joining the festivities.