Portland’s Percentage of Bike Commuters is the Lowest It’s Been in Over 10 Years

This year's numbers are a steep drop from 2014, when the percentage of Portlanders who commute by bike peaked.

According to new census data, Portland's bike commuter scene is past its prime.

According to the Census Bureau's annual American Community Survey, which was released last week, only an estimated 5.3 percent of Portlanders commuted to work by bike in 2018, BikePortland first noted. That's the lowest it's been since 2007.

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To be fair, the figure is still high for a U.S. city, and the survey only reflects respondents for whom biking is their primary mode of travel to work.

Still, it represents a shift for a city that prides itself on its bike culture, and where bike commuter numbers have typically either gone up or remained the same.

This year's numbers are a steep drop from 2014, when Portlanders who commute by bike peaked at 7.2 percent. The last two years have been stagnant at around 6 percent.

The majority of this year's respondents said they drive to work alone.