Like any sane person, you haven't hung out downtown during a weekend since, well, last year's MusicfestNW presents Project Pabst. And while, sure, the waterfront is a self-contained extravaganza of music and entertainment, we figured we'd offer up a few tips on where to go before, after and during breaks at MFNWpPP.

(Rosie Struve
(Rosie Struve


3 Peeps, Two Sundaes
Wiz Bang Bar, 126 SW 2nd Ave. (Pine St. Market.)

(Henry Cromett)
(Henry Cromett)

Rolling three-deep to MusicfestNW presents Project Pabst? We have discovered that the perfect ratio at Salt & Straw's line-free soft serve and sundae joint is as follows: three people, two sundaes. Specifically, get the Ritz Cracker sundae and the PB&J. And heck, you three should also split a hot dog at OP Wurst. It's totally normal!
Craft Pre-Game
Bailey's Taproom, 213 SW Broadway.
You're gonna crush ice-cold, refreshing, calorie-rich Pabst Blue Ribbon all afternoon, while listening to the sweet sounds of Minneapolis rap and South African post-apocalyptic ravers. But maybe you want to work on your dad body with a nice local-craft IPA—maybe an apricot sour or a barrel-aged saison? Stop by the best beer bar on the westside for a little palate cleanser.
PBR Hard
Yamhill Pub, 223 SW Yamhill St.

(Yamhill Pub Facebook)
(Yamhill Pub Facebook)

Tired of drinking PBR on a sunny lawn full of attractive music fans? Scared of doing so without drinking PBR elsewhere first? Welcome to downtown Portland's Pabst bunker, the Yamhill Pub, which sells more PBR than any other bar in Oregon. They've got trophies to prove it, and they'll be open before, during and after the music.
Pay Respects to Ash Street
Ash Street, 225 SW Ash St.

The bands this weekend are the Tortured and St. John and the Revelations. But who cares? Downtown's scuzziest home to scuzzy metal, Ash Street, likely won't finish out the year. Pour one out for the homies. Plus, they're open at 11 am. Make your pre-game a cheery wake!


Put Historic Balls in Your Mouth
Kelly's Olympian, 426 SW Washington St.

(Christine Dong)
(Christine Dong)

One of the least-sung late-night happy hours in Portland is at 100-year -old Kelly's on Sunday, where after 11 pm your world fills with $5 scratch-made quesadillas or tots, or $6 happy-hour mac-and-cheese balls smothered in a house four-cheese blend, breaded with a house mix of panko and Cheetos dust, and dipped in bespoke ranch sauce.
Post-Iggy Fried Chicken
Imperial, 410 SW Broadway.

(Thomas Teal)
(Thomas Teal)

At happy hour starting at 10 pm, Imperial's burger with sweet pickles and dill mayo costs only $6 and ranks among the best in the city, and draft  Vieux Carré cocktails are a mere $5. Pair the booze with an $8 plate of fried chicken and be well.
Oyster Up After Spoon
Little Bird, 215 SW 6th Ave.

(Megan Nanna)
(Megan Nanna)

Little Bird—the downtown sister of Portland's finest restaurant, Le Pigeon—has a an alternate-universe happy hour that lasts all night Sunday, in which it costs only $6 for a double-patty burger smothered in melted Brie, alongside $1.75 oysters, $4 world-class liver mousse and $3 discounts on killer cocktails. It is…heaven.
Chill at the Jack London Underground
Jack London, 529 SW 4th Ave.
The basement club of the nearly 100-year-old Rialto is Portland's new home to all things jazz, but on Sundays it's a smooth R&B velveteria playing the laid-back summertime beats of Soul Cypher (featuring MC Rich Hunter, previously an employee at WW).
Beck, Iggy Pop, Die Antwoord, Nas and many others will play at MusicfestNW Presents Project Pabst, Tom McCall Waterfront Park, Southwest Naito Parkway at Yamhill Street. August 26-27. See for tickets and complete schedule. 21+.