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You may have noticed "Clean Green Certification" stickers appearing around town on a few jars of flower or particular concentrates. An organic verification program out of California, it's the most comprehensive option available to certify the eco-friendliness, freedom from chemicals and sound business practices of West Coast dispensaries, processors and growers. Well, Calyxes is the first dispensary in the state to be 100 percent Clean Green Certified, from its interior operations, to the farms growing the flower, to the processors making the concentrate. Resembling a spa that would provide services that even the average Portlander couldn't pronounce, the furniture and display cases are all gleaming wood and slate-colored granite. Stunning woodblock prints set a serene mood

in the waiting area, and the concentrate case of more than 20 solventless hash slabs in artisanal clay dishes is worthy of a museum exhibit. All flower comes from the esteemed Green Bodhi farms and all the products are made from Green Bodhi flower. High-end glass pieces for sale are handmade by local artist Mark Lammi and Eugene's Sky brand. But Calyxes doesn't stop at Clean Green Certification: It intends to pay for dual testing on every product that hits its shelves. Although these certifications cost money, patients can expect affordable prices, starting at $8.50 a gram for flower, with clones for sale to boot.