6714 NE Sandy Blvd., 477-5083,

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Upon entering the art gallery/reception area, a space-age, holographic glass exhibition suspended from the ceiling reminds you that times have changed. There's an Atlantic and an Inc. magazine on the coffee table, and the Eclipse Farm-Ecology concentrates, ginger-granola bites and matcha-sesame truffles are presented with clean-lined flair or in curvilinear glass. The pinkies-up ambience is a bit disorienting; you feel obligated to resist swearing, or fear an alarm might go off if you were to touch any product displays. But the flower from Panacea Valley Gardens, Greenwise and Wildfire Farms is top-of-the-line quality, and the dispensary promises to donate 10 percent of profits to social justice organizations. There's a permanent 30 percent discount section with a variety of gourmet products. Also of note: On Oct. 1, Alaskan ex-newscaster Charlo Greene, who famously quit her job and came out as a grower on live TV, will make an appearance.