5135 NW St. Helens Road, 208-2454, portlandmedicinepot.com. Cash only.

If you drive out on U.S. 30 toward the coast, about a mile before you hit the St. Johns bridge, look up to the left. You'll see a perilously steep driveway topped by a small cottage dispensary with the SEO-friendly name Portland Medicine Pot. There's no especially safe way to get to Portland Medicine Pot, as there is no westbound turning lane and only the faintest suggestion of an eastbound shoulder on which to decelerate from highway speeds. However, for those who make it safely to the building, the reward is worth it. Taking a boutique approach, Portland Medicine Pot offers a wide array of artisanal smokeware, vaporizers and even salted caramel-weed ice cream. It also carries 35-40 strains of primarily indoor-grown local bud, with pricing structured from $5 "schwag bags" to "platinum level" strains with top-shelf prices. For every ounce of pot purchased, Portland Medicine Pot will donate a hand-knit hat to Portland Rescue Mission.