2384 NW Thurman St., 971-803-7970, thurmancollective.com.

Next to Kenny & Zuke's Bagelworks, this gallery/dispensary blends well into its small-towny neighborhood, with a quaint storefront and chic interior. Potted plants welcome you through the entryway, and the rear wall hides a subtle door to the budroom. Elegant woodblock prints and paintings line the other, and the emerald-tiled floor keeps the shop pleasantly cool. Cozy touches like vinyl records and sepia-toned photographs of Portland make the budroom more relatable to the average stoner, and the shop crew has gotten more involved in the neighborhood by hosting a qigong class every Wednesday. Since it's held before the shop opens, anyone can join—OMMP patient or not. Along with solid nugs from the in-house Lopaka Farms, the store carries flower, shatter, tincture and THC capsules from Green Farm Industries. There is a small selection of edibles and concentrates, and the collective recently added concentrates made from Lopaka Farms flower. Each gram is packaged with love in a glass jar and wax seal, stamped with the store's logo. One can also pick up helpful nonmarijuana items like blunt wraps and leather-bound dab tool kits. Keep up with the blog for store updates: Thurman Street recently implemented an online ordering system.