2331 SW 6th Ave., 971-255-1758, zioncannabis.com. Cash only.

The closest shop to Portland State University, an eager fledgling that opened July 22, is hardly a frat stoner den. When IKEA rolls out its DIY dispensaries, they will look like this pristine, modular and minimalist shop, where bud sits in tall, skinny cylinders alongside Rations pretzels and Sour Shotz gummies. Custom glass and oil rigs made by a local artist, perfect stacks of Dope magazine and Zion T-shirts fill one wall of nordic square shelves. Ask the clean-cut but appropriately tattooed staff to grab you something off the menu from the back fridge. Or order online for quick pickup. The one downside—besides sourcing from only two growers, though they are the well-regarded Farmer 12 and High Five Farms—is that business is cash only for now. Factor the extra $2.50 ATM fee into your total purchase.