At 10:30pm on the eve of legalization, there was no cannabis for sale anywhere in sight. But on the Cascadia Party Bus parked in Collective Awakening's parking lot from 10pm to 1am last night, there was plenty of cannabis to go around, no cash necessary.

We vaped Violet Delight shatter from Blue Moon Extracts, dabbed Gorilla Glue #4, Skywalker and Golden Pineapple from domo productions, then made it through Jilly Bean, Cotton Candy Kush, 818 Headband and Cherry Pie before calling it good.

The other half of the bus had room for passing around joints and ripping flower from a bong, though the Collective Awakenings staff kept us moving so other people could get on. We had about ten minutes per bus visit—I went through the line three times, never standing in it more than 25 minutes. This crew knew how to deal with crowds.

Outside the bus in the parking lot, people milled about, sipping on free water, soda, PBR and eating chips. Though the music was bumping, I couldn't hear it once I turned the corner onto 28th up toward Sandy.

If this is what legal cannabis parties are going to look like, this is going to be fun.