Strain Picks – Sleepy Time

Potlander-Sleepy-BlueberryKush Blueberry Kush

It smells like unsweetened berry juice, but don't think you'll be able to smell this Oregon-bred strain for long, as the terpenes in the indica-leaning weed will knock you out cold.

Potlander-Sleepy-CherryPieCherry Pie

Ain't no one too good for a pie-induced nap, and this strain will make sure of that. Its body high relaxes like you're watching afternoon TV while scraping the bottom of the pan.


God Bud

With a creamy citrus taste and slight hay notes, this high starts at the crown of the head and works its way to the cheekbones, while pulling eyelids down without making them heavy.


LSD Afghani

Make bedtime fun with this body and head high that will turn any sleep issues into vivid dreams that may or may not end with explanations that make sense.


Zesty like citrus soap with an underlying funk, this high went straight to the temples, eyes and forehead, turning pre-bedtime naps into nightlong slumbers.