World Famous Cannabis Cafe

7958 SE Foster Road, 777-1667,

Now in its third iteration, the WFCC still feels like a speakeasy. With a hidden side entrance, a literal "welcome home" greeting from the staff and a plaque above owner Madeline Martinez's reserved seat, this is a big step-up from your dealer's living room. The crowd ranges from youngsters in their late-20s to old-timers in their mid-60s, and leans heavily toward the medicinal user crowd—at least for now. Bring your stash or step up to the bar for a complimentary dab or joint—the cover is $5 normally or $10 during special events.

Analog Cafe

720 SE Hawthorne Blvd., 206-7439,

You can't use cannabis at this lower Hawthorne bar and venue, which is owned and operated by members of the band Smoochknob. But if you show up on Monday, you can get some for free. Starting in July, Analog hosts Marijuana Monday, a weekly night devoted to burlesque, political theater and handing out free weed.

The Other Spot

5431 SE 72nd Ave., 775-3463,

Across from Mount Scott Park and painted with nothing but a wordmark, The Other Spot is your prototypical home turned neighborhood cannalounge. The walls are "decorated" with old legalizationposters, table games, shuffleboard, pool and table hockey each have a room, and the donated furniture dispersed throughout is well used and well cared for. There's no official dab bar here, but the chest-high table in the middle room is where everyone sets up their desktop devices. The co-owner is full of legalization and patient stories, while her volunteer staff discuss plans to replace carpet and improve the kitchen. Consider this if you're looking for a cannabis-friendly daytime co-working space

Franco's Finest Fun bus

The Franco's Finest Fun Bus is billed as a mobile party venue with unlimited snacks, drinks and dabs.

If you've been on a good drunk bus, you know what the fun bus is like. Well, this is better. Plush leather seats. Three flat-screen TVs. A full-width restroom in the back. Satellite stereo. Compartments up front lined with garbage bags for puking. Oh, and the dab rig. Oh, that dab rig. It costs $100, and they gave away nearly $100 worth of product at the end. Riders take turns dabbing organically grown cannabis while watching the sunset over the Columbia River or chatting up the other blissed-out passengers.