After my fourth small dab in as many minutes, I had to put down the Boost eRig from Dr. Dabber. Lightheaded and high, I stared at the glass percolator, wondering why I had to suck a golf ball through a hose to get vapor into my lungs. Grabbing the Boost's lightsaber-like base, I shook it from side to side while waiting for the titanium nail to heat up.

potlander_final rgb

After 30 seconds, I returned to the world's first portable electric dab rig, bracing myself for another long, hard inhale. I breathed in slow and smooth, and the vapor bubbled through the water just like it did five dabs ago. Five minutes later, the percolator clogged again. So much for a long, calm session with this piece, which is designed to take the place of a full rig.

I've never passed out while dabbing, but the first edition of the Boost may get me to that point one day.

Sitting next to a glass dab rig with an e-nail on a dab bar, the Boost channels the Jetsons. Half the people who picked up my rig made lightsaber noises. Most were amazed at the clean taste, and one guy whipped out his direct-from-China knockoff purchased for $50 less. Side by side, they were identical save color. Running $199 most places, the Boost is not cheap enough to replace your current dab pen, nor is it sturdy enough to take over for a dedicated e-nail-equipped rig. It is a hardy solution for the dabber connoisseur who can't stay in one place with a 50-session battery that can last all evening.


When the Boost works, it works well. Long draws filled with water-cooled vapor make for a coughless experience, and the flavor stays true for the duration of the dab. Unlike dab atomizer pens with single- or dual-coil heating elements, the titanium mini nail shipped with the Boost eRig doesn't impart any residual taste, and the higher temp ensures less nail-cleaning time. The glass attachment can be cleaned with rubbing alcohol and salt or very hot water.

Included in the case is everything needed to start dabbing immediately, sans messy stuff like water and cannabis concentrate. The magnetic base alleviates tipping worries, and the glass attachment creates a chamber around the titanium nail, so I didn't burn myself or knock the unit over when reaching across the table.

The flat-tipped dab stick is short but not puny, though almost not short enough—I repeatedly brushed leftover concentrate on my nose when diving into dabs. Complemented with a magnetic carb cap, the included accessories do what's needed; just be careful not to put an eye out or add shatter to your boogers.